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Besides, if you fill all the bags up with shoes, where are you going to put your mothballs?
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I use shoe bags except for my four most worn shoes.
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All of mine are in their bags or have a felt polishing cloth wrapped around them. They are also all in their boxes... otherwise I'd never be able to store them all... picture below.

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I keep all of mine bagged and in the boxes. I only wear dress shoes once or twice a week, and keeping them in the boxes is the most convenient method of storing them.
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There are those who claim that storing shoes in boxes is harmful although I have yet to perceive any ill effects. After wearing a pair of shoes, I like to let them air out at least overnight (with trees in place, of course) before returning them to their box. The only time I use bags is for travel.
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Originally Posted by j
And for my server to introduce herself.

Yeah, but you're just after her number.

I keep my shoes bagged, at least the ones that have bags, and boxed, at least the ones that have boxes.
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I bag mine when I travel. Otherwise, they stay naked and stuffed. For shoes that I don't wear very often, they stay in boxes.

BTW, is it cruel to bag your Alden in Tyrwhitt bags?
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The Container STore has great see through shoes boxes.
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Originally Posted by odoreater
Okay good, at least I'm not alone. I thought I was committing some kind of grave sartorial sin by not bagging my shoes.

Here's a look at how I store my shoes:

wow chap your closit is tidy??? make mine look like a charity shop in comparrison - must get the wife to let me have more space!!
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but to add i keep mine in the boxes and if i dont ware them often enough then still in bags and lots of slat and moth balls an the humidity here in shenzhen/ HK is a nightmare on leather!!
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I maintain a week or two worth of rotating shoes on my rack at home. The rest are stuffed into any corner of my studio with storage space. Its not very practical.
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Uncaring will end up being a senior member in one day. (
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Shoe trees and bags/boxes always. Dust eats leather.
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Shoes just get dirty collecting dust if uncovered. One more stressor on the leather. I'm thinking about putting some of my shoes in a storage box under the bed, (in bags), since I am running out of room in the closet.
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Only travel. Keeping them bagged up seems a crime.
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