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Collar styles for different body shapes?

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I was looking into ordering some tailored shirts online, and with the wide variety of collar shape choices available on websites such as jantzentailor, it can be confusing to pick out the best one. Searching the board, I didn't come across any threads like this (or maybe I didn't search hard enough..), so I thought it could be helpful to all if some of the more "seasoned" fashion gurus could give us youngins advice on which collars are appropriate for which occasions, and which ones flatter different body styles (Ie. Casual, Work, Formal, with tie, etc.).

For myself, I am looking for shirts to wear to work with a tie, and I am average build and about 5'7". So far I have played it safe and bought mostly shirts with regular straight collars, or button-down collars.
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There are other threads, but those are two heavyweights giving the short answer. Also, Manton's book has a good write-up on this, as, I think, does Flusser's big coffee table book, whatever it's called.
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Since you are about the same size and build as the PoW, look at some pictures of him. And the collar named for him - Prince of Wales collar. Maybe called English spread.
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Also, you should take into consideration the gorge height of your jackets. For example, a long pointed collar might not look balanced with a high gorge jacket.

Try on different types of collars until you find the best balance for you...

Then you can start worrying about what type of cuffs too
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