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protein powders.. yuck

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So I started a month later than I said I would, but I finally started my new diet and work-out routine. I have to say, I feel like vomitting right now. I bought this chocolate flavored one and it's so sweet. I dilute it with as much water as possible, but still, even typing brings back a memory of wanting to vomit. The only thing that's gonna keep me motivated is that I need dress shirts and I told my tailor to hold off on the rest of them until I had put on 15 lbs. :P
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Suggest trying different brands. I have found some to be awful, others to be tolerable, none to be good.
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I feel the same way about multi-vitamins. I use GNC brand protein powder and it isn't the worst thing in the world. I accidently thought the multi-vitamins were chewable and now they taste terrible to me. Not to mention the fact that they're much larger than your ordinary pill.
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A guy I'm working out with recently bought one that he said actually tasted good. No artificial sweetener either. I'll get the name of it for you later.
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You might want to try some protien juice. It comes in lemonade, fruit punch, etc., and is pretty good tasting. Might be worth a try. It's on sale right now too.
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As far as taste goes I like Designer Whey brand. So far I tried "Natural" and "Vanilla" flavors and they have both been very tolerable. These two flavors also have no artifical colors, flavors or sweeteners.
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I have reverted back to (shock horror) Weider chocolate. Not the best in amount o0f protein, and not all whey but it tastes so much better than other ones I had. Anyhow, I remember a while ago on the SF chat Keal, Jovan and Odoreater suggested some good tasting ones.
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Optimum Nutrition doesn't taste bad. Also, mixing with milk instead of water will help a great deal.
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The best-tasting protein powder by far is Whey-Vantage (sold at GNC). The same stuff can also be found online under the label American Whey for cheaper. I bought the chocolate, mix it with milk, and honestly look forward to drinking a shake every day. It also appears to be all-natural with no artificial sweeteners, etc.
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Originally Posted by TheRookie
Optimum Nutrition doesn't taste bad. Also, mixing with milk instead of water will help a great deal.

The optimum nutrition vanilla was plain awful. It was a bit more bearable when mised with orange juice or (even better) fresh bananas and orange juice but after a while... lets just say I cannto bear to think about it.The double chocolate on the other hand... that was strange. I got initially a small container to try it and I liked it. Then I bought a nice big 5 lbs one only to find it tasted different. YECH. That went a long time.
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I had some chocolate kind and mixed it with "real" (non sweetened) cranberry juice and ice, and it was actually good, if you can believe that. No idea what kind it was though.
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I've used EAS-brand powders for a few years. They are by far the best tasting supplements I have tried (and I've tried several brands).
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If taste is your main concern, stick with whey protein concentrate and isolate and stay away from anything with hydrolyzed whey/whey peptides (which are bitter) or casein (tastes like paste).
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I hear good things about ON 100% Whey, the cookies and cream stuff. But if you can't handle protien powder, don't ever try creatine!
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Try Muscle Milk. A lot of bodybuilders say it's by far the only thing that could be considered good tasting, but it also has a lot of calories. In your case, that will be fine as you're trying to put on weight.
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