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Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard View Post
Rebel I can understand, given that he feels strongly about this issue as a seller. But you're just dense.

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well it seems you are much more easily tricked than I am b/c I havent had this problem! good luck in your future investigations Sherlock.

Oh boy! Slap fight! Slap fight!
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Were these Florsheims by any chance Allen-Edmonds seconds?

Thank you.

- B
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Thread resurrection, but I believe these shoes are done.

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I bought this pair of vintage Florsheim shell cordovan longwings, and they arrived with some cracking around a couple of the eyelets. is there any way to revive or repair these? They're hard to see when the shoe is on, so they don't really bother me as a visual flaw, but is there a way to repair or reinforce the area around the eyelets so that I can wear the shoe and extend its life? I'd even be open to bonding it in some way with glue or something??

I also noticed some cracking the brogueing along the back. Doesn't bother me a lot but if there's a way to patch these up somehow, I'd love to know!

I'm thinking of sending these to B. Nelson for recrafting, but I want to make sure they can be salvaged at all before I do.
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3dials. Those are done. Toss 'em.
tchen04, welcome to Styleforum. Yours are done too.

In both cases, your shoes will only continue to deteriorate further.
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Thanks, Man of Lint. I may keep wearing them until I get a replacement. They're not pretty, but I am thinking of them as beater shoes at this point. Was wondering whether Barge leather cement might do the trick to reinforce the eyelets a bit, but I've never used it. Anyone have any experience with this?
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Just bought a pair off ebay for $12.00! I love them. They literally glow and the patina is like a work of art.!
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