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Originally Posted by thinman
Promo targeted at those who recently purchased in a RL store.

And I think I am going to use my 15% to get those Grant's. I will let you know how they look in person when they arrive.

I went to the RL store today but Phoenix doesn't carry the PL.

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image :


And it is on the 888 last.

I love the shoe.

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I will add more pix in natural light tomorrow.

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I've got to say, those look lovely...
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And that is in the as delivered not yet shined state of affairs.

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So what, have you just been sitting around all evening, admiring them and periodically checking back here for praise/affirmation?
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HeHe....close. Actually wearing them around the carpet to start their break in properly.

My first 888 last I wore in the house on carpet for 4 days until I decided they would be the right size for me. Now that same pair of shoes (MacKay Captoes bought in June at the start of the Polo sale) feel like bedroom slippers or s second skin.

So I will probably only wear these on carpet for a few hours before I venture out as they are my 3rd pair of 888 lasted EGs and I also have one pair of 606 lasted EGs which fit me perfectly right away. (but I don't know if they will fit as good as the 888 after break in as they are quite new).

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Fine shoe--it's hard to beat a good monk-strap.
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Got my polo grants in dark oak today. These are awesome shoes!

As for taking care of these shoes can other members who have this shoe in dark oak tell me what color wax / cream do they use. Dark Brown, Medium Brown or Mahogany or some other color?
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Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but does anyone know who is making these for Polo:

Any thoughts on the quality of these? Thanks.
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I have them - amazing shoes, I love them!
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