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Never tried the MH71
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I've got a pair of Wigmore's on the TG73 last. I take a UK 9.5E standard fitting, which is the same size I take in JLP 7000/8000 and EG202. The TG73 is certainly a snug fit for me in boots - I'm not sure whether this makes any difference in shoes.

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Although it cannot be guaranteed I would advise to size down half....So if you are US 10 you would require UK 9.5. If you are US "D" fit (Standard) you will require G&G "E" fit (Standard).
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Originally Posted by ajv View Post
From my understanding, and afet discussing the matter with Tony Gaziano, all their lasts should size equally. I.E. if you are a 10 in MH71 you should be a 10 in TG73 and so on.....


Not so in my case. My MH71 lasted shoes are sized down .5 size.
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I wear Lobb 10.5 E UK 7000/8000, EG 10.5 E UK 202/11D UK 82, C&J 10.5 E UK multiple lasts, G&G 11.5 D UK TG73. I am a 11.5 D in AE and most Alden except the Barrie last. My G&G is the RLPL Narvell which was only available in a UK D width, so its narrow and long with lotsa toe space and I got the UK 11.5 D which is my US size also, as the OP mentioned. Regards.
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I wear a 10.5 E in most AE and Alden and an 11D US in RLPL/EG 89 last.
For G&G I am a 10.5 F UK TG73.
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I wear
7.5E G&G TG73, EG888/82, CJ348, AS89
7E JL 7000/8000, CJ337/341
40.5 S.BEMER
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Hi what size would I wear in this last?


I am a 9 D UK in EG 82

8.5 UK in C&J 360 last

8.5 UK in Carmina Simpson and Robert lasts


I have a slightly narrow foot.  I'm assuming a 9 E UK would work for G&G TG73 last?  Is this a fair assumption?



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