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Nice looking shirt. Thanks for the post Bjorn.
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Great looking shirt Bjorn. I have the identical shirt, different designer. Has anyone else, besides Bjorn, had trouble get samples from Ricky at Jantzen? I was assured that the samples had been sent but that was ages ago. Makes me a bit skeptical about the quality of service but everyone seems to be raving about their shirts. BTW, did you guys measure yourself or did you go to a tailor to get your measurements? Any tips on sizing (ex. Are the shirts cut tight, baggy, short, etc.) would be appreciated. Thanks gents.
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these shirts only cost 45 bucks and you want samples? c'mon. order one and you'll get an idea of what the fabric will be like. my shirt fits great (i have a second on the way) and i simply gave them accurate measurements, which i took myself, and asked for a "form" fit. for the collar measurement, i gave them my ready-to-wear size of 16, and it fits like a 16, though i haven't had a chance to measure it.   bjorn, good post. i thought the monograms looked awful on the website, so i didn't bother with one. i'll try one on my next order.
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Fair enough, I probably am being cheap. I probably wouldn't know a good quality fabric from a poorer quality fabric anyway. I was more interested in seeing if the colours/patterns of the shirts I wanted to order were exactly what I wanted (I'm a bit anal in that way). In my defence, they were free to say that they could not, would not, send the samples because it is not economically feasible or convenient, etc. but they said that it would be no problem (they said this several times). Perhaps I am a bit paranoid of ordering stuff online because I have never done so. Point taken though Matadorpoeta and I think I'll just order a plain shirt to see if I like the fit and quality and then start to order the more bold patterns that I really desire and hope that they'll send me samples if I order some shirts. BTW, the monogram does look really nice Bjorn. Not something I would have initially thought of doing myself but seeing the final result, I think I'll get it done as well on my first purchase.
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Thank you all for the praise - most welcome   The reason I ordered a rather plain fabric is that it's difficult to judge how a pattern will look on a larger scale, so it takes a bit more courage to take them on. It's a bit like choosing a colour for a whole wall from those tiny cards - you never know how it will turn out. I don't think Ricky is deliberatly skimping on the samples - it's probably just that Jantzen's internal processes don't include it so it does not get into the final package. I asked for mine in a seperate e-mail so I suppose it got lost. As for the cut, I ordered a medium fit and I'm not sure I would like a buissness shirt much tighter. For a "party" shirt I would perhaps take my chances on a "form" cut. I would like the armholes to be cut a bit higher like my T&A shirts but I'm not complaining. On off-the-rack shirts, I always have a ridge of fabric on my shoulders behind the collar. This shirt is cut for 'square shoulders' and voila - the ridge is gone and the shirt lies flat. Oh - and I did the measurements myself with a paper measuring tape I got at Ikea so you can skip the trip to your tailor if you wish. All the best, BH
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I decided to give these guys a try, but I'm really concerned about giving them my credit card number on an unsecured page. No security certificates, no encryption, nothing. But still, this beats having to supply the shirtmakers I know with my own pearl buttons. Stupid plastic.
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Speaking as someone with a fair amount of computer security experience: The whole secure credit card transaction thing is overrated. The amount of access someone would have to have to grab your credit card off the wire should easily provide them with other methods of grabbing it at either end as well, where it's not encrypted. I wouldn't worry about it.
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Just use a credit card that lets you generate a one time use number. American Express calls it "Private Payments". I know that MBNA cards have it, and I think someone on here said that Citibank has it as well.
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Citicards also offers this service...
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Hello everyone -- a few more Jantzen queries, please: Do these guys preshrink their fabric or allow a bit extra when the shirt is being made? If I specify, for example, a 15.5" neck, will I indeed get enough room to permit the usual shrinkage from laundries? And as to fit -- I'm a pretty slim-built fellow, though with a bit of a stomach paunch. Assuming I provide accurate waist measurements, will a "form fit" be very snug? I'm tempted to go this route anyway, or at most, a "medium." My collar preference looks to be along the lines of the 16A, or perhaps the wide English spread, with a collar height of 1 7/8". I'm hoping, too, that Jantzen can use a wrist circumfrence measurement so that a double-cuff sleeve doesn't slip over the palm. I appreciate any comments/counsel. best from Louisville...aa.
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Ugggggggghhhhhhhh... Enough with these Jantzentailor questions... Steve please kill this thread... Almost EVERY possible question I can think of has been asked about thier shirts, right down to how they shank the buttons. I think 6 pages. of posts has beaten this topic to death. This is starting to look like the Jantzentailor FAQ page.
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Yup. Kill it, or lock it, or something. Every conceivable question has already been asked and answered twice, including questions where the answer is readily available from the website itself. For the sake of completeness: The shirts were a good fit when I received them, and remained a good fit after I washed them - I haven't noticed any shrinking in mine. Yes, form-fitting is very slim-cut, it leaves you with absolutely no room to gain weight, or even to breathe particularly hard. Yes, wrist circumference is taken into account, it's in the first set of measurements in the order form, under 'wrist size'. Man, when the topic first came up, I should've just said, "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, and I have no plans to find out."  
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I stopped through Hong Kong last week, and dropped by Jantzen tailor to buy a few shirts. I wanted to get measured there and have a fitting so my future shirts would fit perfectly. They are a very small shop in a mall that seems to be filled with Philipino shipping agencies (don't ask me). I spoke with Ricky Ho, the boss. He's a very nice guy and very appreciative of the comments on this forum, of which he is well aware. While I was in there, there were consultants from Ernst & Young, bankers from Morgan Stanley and diamond traders from New York - so we're not the only ones who have caught on. Pretty impressive, considering the shop has trouble fitting more than 3 people inside. My shirts are gorgeous (I bought 10); I'll likely be ordering more. I'd post a pic, but can't seem to figure out how...
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I got mine a while ago. It's absolutely fantastic. All of the patterns match up, the fabric is quite good, and the thick mother-of-pearl buttons make me drool. All this for a price that's about the same as what the shirtmakers here in Seoul are asking for, with superior worksmanship and materials. I'm a fan.
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