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Jantzentailor shirts

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Hey Everyone, After searching for and reading every post on this forum regarding Jantzen Tailors, I would appreciate it immensely if anyone of you who purchased shirts from them to post some detailed pics of the shirt in general and then more closeups on the major points of the shirt such as but not limited to stitching, fabric, collar, etc.... Thanks in Advance.
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Since I'm horrible with a digital camera and can't get decent close-ups, I got dibs on pattern-matching... Here's my two current favorite Jantzen shirts... Note pattern-matching at sleeve (even the tiny little notch of white at the far right of the gauntlet)... And on the shoulder (on a different Jantzen shirt)... I favor the collar type known in the industry as 'absurdly big'... with two, cross-stitched shell buttons (they may even do the Neopolitan crows-foot stitch, I'll have to ask)... All the stitching is single-needle, but I couldn't get any decent shots of it. Someone who knows what 'shank-wrapping' is should probably do the rest.  
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I favor the collar type known in the industry as 'absurdly big'...
Thank you, Nick M., for the great pictures. The quality of the shirts, for such a low price, is truly remarkable. Having just received two bespoke shirts with English spread collars from a local tailor, I now realize that a "big" collar is to be desired. I really enjoyed your choices of shirt patterns and ties. Thank you for sharing them with us.
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when you refer to "the collar type known in the industry as 'absurdly big'", is that to say an english spread collar, which is larger than a 'typical' spread collar?
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Well, it's not so much that it's a wider spread - although it is pretty wide - but that the collar points are an inch or so longer than normal. Under a jacket, with a tie it doesn't make much difference, but with an open collar, the longer points just feel more substantial. Everything looks to be a little more balanced and in proportion - or perhaps I just have a giant head.  
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Nick, What is the fabic on the shirt that you showed the matching pattern on the shoulder. I'm thinking about getting that same fabric with white collar and cuffs. It will be for casual wear. What do you guys think?
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Nick M, Thanks for the prompt reply and great pics and shirt stylings by the way. I think I just brought my last commercial mass market shirt. Mentioning off the rack shirts, I know it's a bit off topic, but it seems the only the only shirt under $100 retail to have single needle stitching is Ralph Lauren. When on sale, I think it's not a bad deal. His Phillip, Andrew and especially Estate line of shirts are almost cut perfectly for my shoulders. Just my 2cents. Thanks again Nick M. Looking forward to more pics from others too....
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Mike C. That fabric is 'stripe # 333'. I tried a casual shirt with a white collar and cuffs, but it was bright red with thin white stripes, and a smaller collar - I'm fairly ambivalent towards it, it's a little jarring. A more harmonious color combination - blue and white stripes - would probably look pretty good with jeans. Also, Tricket - if you're out there - do you have any Jantzen suits? Or topcoats, or anything else? Can you show us those?
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Nick M, If you wish to tell, what is the fabric number of the blue checked shirt in your picture post? Also, which collar did you choose? Many thanks.
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Clarinetplayer, That particular fabric is 'Checkers #230', on Jantzen's 'Checkers One' page. The collar is collar #16A, but I asked for the collar points to be 4" long instead of the standard 3 1/8"...
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Nick, do they send swatches and examples of collars? I sent them an email a week ago but didn't get a reply. I definately want to try their shirts. I know about the wagelevel in HK and I trust their people don't work in a sweatshop or anything. I worked in Asia for a couple of years and I experienced that, in general, the workmanship of the tailors is absolutely comparable to that of in Europe or the US. I doubt the quality of the fabric though. Are they imported from Europe or from China or Korea?
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Thanks for the pics.  I am thinking about trying a shirt out myself once I have the time to get my measurements from my tailor.  I noticed that Jantzentailor is now accepting Visa and MasterCard, but still doesn't have a secure screen for entering one's credit card number, unlike most internet merchants.  Has that posed a problem for anyone?  (I would like to avoid the fees associated with wire transfer.)
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Ambulance Chaser: I sent a postal money order for my first shirt. That took much longer than I had anticipated. (I had to go to the Japanese bank ahd have it cut. Then the postal authorities sent it to Hong Kong.) But since JT began accepting Visa/Mastercard, I called once and gave JT my builing information. I figure I will order again, so the price of the 3 minute telephone call wasn't prohibitive. You could also fax the information to JT.
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I got my Jantzen shirt today. It's not as exciting since JT also has a pic of the pattern in shirt form on their site, but I did a few things different. Here's a general pic of the shirt: Here's a pic of the gusset, which was one of the few things not covered by Nick's excellent post: My camera is pretty bad for macro shots, so I couldn't get closeups, but the tailoring is definitely single needle and the collar buttons (but not the rest as far as I know) are shank-wrapped. Just a word of advice, Jantzen does make the shirts very close to your measurements. I ordered a "form fitting" shirt and it's noticeably slimmer than my Brioni shirt and about the size of a tight Costume National shirt I own. Also, for the shirt height you might want to add an inch or two or check with a shirt that fits you well; if I had used the shirt length measurement they asked for I definitely would have had trouble keeping it tucked in were I so inclined. Likewise, the two button collar I ordered was pretty tricky to button up, so I'd advise sticking with one button if this is going to be a dress shirt worn with a tie. Other than that, I really like finally having a shirt that fits me, and will probably order again considering how competitive the pricing is.
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Aybojs - that's a great looking shirt; what pattern number did you order?  Also, did you order the "self" colored button holes?  I was thinking of doing that but I wasn't sure what it meant. All these posts about Jantzen have made me very excited to see my first JT shirt, a green/white striped number which should be arriving within two weeks.  If it turns out OK, I will probably be ordering at least one or two a month until my closet bar breaks.  I'm trying to maintain a little skepticism though: how the hell can they make a shirt of that quality for under $40??
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