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New Bond Theme Song

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Chris Cornell to record new Bond theme song

Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell is to write and record the theme tune to the new James Bond film, Casino Royale.

The theme for the 21st Bond film, in which Daniel Craig will debut as 007, is titled You Know My Name.

A film spokeswoman said Cornell's music was "both soulful and tough" and "the perfect complement" to the film.

Casino Royale will receive its world premiere in London on 14 November. The film is released three days later in the UK and US.

US rocker Cornell was previously the singer with Seattle rock group Soundgarden.

He joins a long list of famous names who have recorded songs for Bond films, including Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Duran Duran, Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner and Nancy Sinatra.

Many of the songs from the early Bond movies have become classics, such as Bassey's Goldfinger and Sinatra's You Only Live Twice.

But recent efforts like Tina Turner's Goldeneye and Sheryl Crow's Tomorrow Never Dies have proved less enduringly popular.

Casino Royale is based on the first of Ian Fleming's celebrated spy novels.

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hopefully it wont be as bad as madonna's
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I always liked Tom Jones's Thunderball---Over the top but in a good way.
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the more i learn about this movie, the better it looks - i have high hopes for chris cornell's music for casino royale - was a fan during his soundgarden phase and i think it makes sense with that "grittier" look and feel the franchise is aiming for with this one.
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I'm watching "Goldfinger" as I type and I'm struck by how much the score contributes to the film. Very big and brassy. It's a shame we'll probably never see its like again.
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Sounds good. On the topic of Bond theme songs, you might want to check out Blondie's "For Your Eyes Only," which was rejected by John Barry in favor of Sheena Easton's version. I think the Blondie version is far better.
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