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Crockett + Kiton

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Good article about Miami Vice, looks Colin Farrell is wearing Kiton in the new MV.
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Very interesting...Kiton has also dressed Keanu Reeves in the past.
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I had to fight the urge to retch when the article offered advice from one of International Male's buyers.

Aside from that...good piece!
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But International Male is the setter of modern style.
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The darker colors are in keeping with darker times, said Rubin. "There's a lot of uncertainty now. We're at war. It's a lot different from the Reagan era. Back then, it was all about big hairstyles and flashy clothing."

what great analogy

Miami and the TV series Miami Vice represented a magical time in the '80s.

James Stevens, general manager at M2M Fashion in Montrose, just returned from a New York buying trip, where manufacturers were touting the '80s Vice look for next spring. He even saw cotton sportcoats with thin sleeves that can easily be pushed up to the elbow.

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So black is the new pink. Seems like the Miami Vice crowd doesn't read the forums.
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I thought pastels were always in season in Miami do to the hot, humid weather? I can't imagine wearing black on beach or in the sun
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so who here wears pastels? or maybe not pastels, but bright summer colors?

One of my favorite summer outfits is white linen pants, and depending on the weather either an avon celli yellow silk/cotton polo or a bright yellow summer-weight silk/cashmere sweater with EG maple monks (they're not eg, but that's the best I can desbribe the color).
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