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Originally Posted by Salad View Post
He thinks it's a compressed nerve from running and general over use. He wants me to not run and to take some sort of anti inflamatory. The pain is bearable during the day. Not being able to sleep is the problem.

Take a steady OTC maximum daily dose of ibuprofen or naproxen (aleve). Ibuprofen wears off in 4-6 hrs but naproxen can last up to 12 hrs, so that may be better for sleeping through the night.

Stop running for sure, it may heal on its own in a month or two.

Ask your doctor friend if he has any physical therapist friends, sometimes simple changes in joint usage will heal the underlying problem.

And most important.... buy new shoes!
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Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 View Post
Does your campus have a health services? Might be able to get cheap/free service there.

No they don't offer a plan, but there is a nurse practionier and an RN, they charge $50 a visit, and if its anything above basic they tell you to goto a doctor.

I asked about a plan, but they said they use to offer one but the cost of health care has gone up so much, the university doesn't want to sponsor a plan.

There is a school I am thinking of transferring to after I get my degree here this summer. They offer an plan at $250 per month that only covers when school is in going on. Not a very good deal Imo, there not really helping students as far as I can tell.
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Originally Posted by TylerDurden View Post
Too big of a population to do the canadian system right now...

California by it self has more people in it then all of Canada.

The wait in the emergency room alone would be like 400 hours if every one had access and or free healthcare.......

Nonsense. You don't need insurance or money to show up at the ER and get treated. It's not as if we just shove people out into the streets to die here because they can't pay the bill. Universal insurance coverage would probably decrease the amount of care provided in the ER, because that's where people with no coverage go when they need to see a doctor, and it's often not a real emergency.
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OP, do you live anywhere near the Mexican border? Do some research on the Interwebz re your condition then go to a Mexican pharmacy and get the meds you need. Or find a doctor down there that will take a reasonable amount of cash or your credit card. Either option is better than this joke of a U.S. healthcare system.
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Originally Posted by Young Pro View Post
This isn't my situation, so I'd much rather make a lot more money, pay less in taxes, buy my own health care when needed (instead of subsidizing everyone else's like in Canada)

When you buy your own health care here you are subsidizing everybody else's health care. Well, not everybody's - just those who can't or won't pay. Whether you're doing this in an efficient manner or padding the salaries of a lot of middlemen and driving up costs because of delayed treatment issues is another question, but don't think you're not subsidizing the health care of others with this private system we have.
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Originally Posted by greg_atlanta View Post

And most important.... buy new shoes!

This seems to be the solution dished out on this forum for a lot of problems.
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Easy fix: you walk into the county free health clinic, take a number, sit down and shut up. When they call your number, you tell the Ukrainian-fresh-outta-junior-college-vocational-ed intake assistant, "My dick feels funny."
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