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Dunhill clothing

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I recently purchased several Dunhill brand shirts & slacks and I am enjoying them. What is everyone else's opinion of Dunhill clothing? How would you rate Dunhill's clothing vis a vis other Italian designers/craftsmen a la Brioni, Kiton, Canali, etc.? Who manufactures Dunhill's clothing in Italy? I wonder if they manufacture it themselves or outsource it to one of the major clothing manufacturers in Italy... LGF.
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I have been *very* happy with Alfred Dunhill's clothing. My guess is that they outsource them.
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IIRC they're outsourced. The company is along the lines of Burberry, an old English stalwart trying to diversify in the modern world.
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I purchased a couple of thier shirts a few years back. They have held up very well.
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greeting from Baghdad.. finally had a chance to jump back on the posting board. regarding dunhill, E Zegna makes their off the rack clothing, and they also do custom thru the NYC store (i think it is made there, or likely outside of london). i have one custom pinstripe DB from them, very english cut, holland and sherry cloth. if you ever have a chance to check out the NYC store, it blows away any of the other locations (chicago is nice, but no comparison). i think dunhill has a great collection of casual stuff, like the two tone leather jackets.
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E Zegna makes their off the rack clothing
So, E. Zegna makes Dunhill clothing? Does this mean that if I love Dunhill stuff for its "quality" (see another thread) that I will love Zegna brand stuff too? Are there any differences in quality and price point? Which Zegna brands are upper tier, middle tier, lower tier (ie., where do E... Zegna, Zegna Soft, etc. fall into these tiers)? Thanks,
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Zegna lines for suits: Zegna soft: cheaper wools, fused other words, avoid. Zegna (regular line): slightly better materials, but still not worth the price. Napoli couture: Much better fabrics, extensive hand-stitching. neapolitan influenced construction with regards to the shoulder, padding, etc. Pricey but at least the quality is there. There are also other Zegna lines that are predicated entirely upon fabric such as Tindari, Trofeo, and Traveler. I also recently discovered the Zegna makes suits for Armani Le Collezione
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I recently bought two more Dunhill shirts, 100% cotton, long-sleevers, both made in Portugal. So, they don't just manufacture in Italy or England these days apparently. Would these also be manufactured by Zegna I wonder?
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For those interested in buying more Dunhill clothes: Their sale started today - 50% off all clothes...not too shabby.
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would that be in all outlets or just at their website?
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I was talking about the stores - The sales person told me that all of the Dunhill boutiques start their sale at the same time. I have no idea about the website, but it doesn't seem like you can order stuff from the website...
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interesting...i'll definitely check out the downtown location here in vancouver on friday then. hopefully this applies to canada as well.
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Yes, please let us know. I might be willing to buy Dunhill casual short sleeve shirts (button down, golf/polo, etc.) from someone who goes to one of the boutiques and does some shopping there. My main supplier of Dunhill I buy from on eBay (there isn't a Dunhill store in Dallas) says the Dunhill outlet store in Woodbury, NY is closing soon and prices will be 60% off soon. They are already sold out of mediums there (I bought most of them.) :-)
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interesting...i'll definitely check out the downtown location here in vancouver on friday then. hopefully this applies to canada as well.
The "Dunhill" store in downtown Vancouver isn't a real Dunhill boutique -- it's just part of a larger store (Luxe, I believe). Mike
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well, that sucks for me, doesn't it?
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