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Really enjoyed this article:
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Thanks to the website I'm dying for an Italian Beef sandwich. Thankfully i'll be in Chicago in a few weeks
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I'm going to spam some products that some of my friends sell, 1) Because they make me happy, and 2) Because I own the forum, and I think that helping out friends is important.


1) The ekogrip glove.  I dunno.  It just seems fun, because who doens't want to throw pieces of super hot turkey at drunk uncle Jeb?


The other is something my wife uses, and that I do too, because nothing messes up clothes like splattering grease:


The second is also owned by two female friends of mine who are pretty hot (one was a olympic level volleyball player, the other a model), so their site is more fun to look at than some others:

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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

So here's my thoughts on my Seattle, Vancouver and Portland trip (because I know you were all dying to find out).

4) Vancouver was the best food city.

You should have hit me up for Chinese food recs.  The Cantonese food in Vancouver is second only to Hong Kong and maybe Toronto, and I would have told you the best places to get dim sum, something that really can't be beat as a way for getting stuffed in the middle of the day.

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Where do you like in Toronto for Chinese @LA Guy ?
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^ Huh, Robuchon enunciates really clearly when he speaks. My French is incredibly rusty now and I was always bad at aural comprehension, but I can still sort of follow along.
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Chartreuse (mix green and yellow) and chatte rousse!
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@itsstillmatt how do you feel about your boy at the NYT stepping down?
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I finally got a chance to go to L'Arpege for the lunch surprise tasting menu. Everything about the meal was fun. Over 3 hours, 20+ plates, and each dish had that little spark of genius that just made you smile when you ate it. The price is also a steal considering that I think I got just as many courses as the people getting the fixed menu, just less canonical stuff. Honestly this is the only tasting menu I've had that's exceeded my expectations, by far. 


Only small disappointment is I wish I could speak French because Passard was constantly in the dining room chatting with the regulars and even French speaking one-timers. I did not get those strawberries. :confused: 


Edit: here's the menu, from memory:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Menu “Le Déjeuner des Jardiniers”

  • Amuse-bouche: vegetable tartelettes (quince, celery, apple)
  • Second amuse-bouche: puff pastry with swiss chard
  • House-made bread with butter
  • Gaspacho (tomato) with celery mustard ice cream
  • Beetroot in gel of sweet wine and cacao
  • Multicolored vegetable ravioli with celery consommé
  • Red pepper soup with a spoonful of ham flavored cream
  • Beetroot sushi with fig oil
  • Onion gratin topped with quince
  • Baby cabbage wrapped shrimp in Parmesan soup
  • Tomato pie with zucchini flower **favorite**
  • Thinly sliced pear and mushrooms
  • Beetroot tartare with horseradish cream
  • Mashed potato with coulis of red wine
  • Squid with minestrone of vegetables
  • Dover sole, celery purée, white wine sauce/foam, chives - that purée was excellent and tasted nothing like celery
  • Mignardise
  • Pastry with ice cream and (separate) cherry tomato stuffed with rhubarb (I think?) 
  • Vanilla ice cream puffs
  • Puff pastry with apple and raspberry filling
  • Crème caramel

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Found these, made some tasty crostini last night, not sure what to make today. Suggestion?

Other happy items

Whole grilled onions
Chopped chilis
extra toast
well done fry + regular fry, then mix together.


Hija de sanchez in Copenhagen. Best tacos ive ever had, even after ten years in LA. Made by a ex noma chef.
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Just discovered this CCTV English series "Discovering Chinese Cuisine":


Shot quite well and very informative, and it really shows how complex Chinese cooking is, something that I feel is hard to find / never explained, even in China. There are multiple parts, I just linked the knife one cause it looks really cool.

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sun dried tomatoes.

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