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itsstillmatt--never afraid to attempt being the high-and-mighty, holier-than-thou "voice of reason" in any discussion.
(How'd I do at being mean for the fun of it?)
Kind of my thoughts; At first I was like wow, this is brutal and read it with some schadenfreude then about halfway through I was like what's the point of this review? He's just trying to dig in to a portion of the population and try to score some cheap lols and linkbacks. Also, fwiw I read it in the paper and it didn't seem that mean but online for some reason it seems meaner.
I guess this is FD-related but I've lost 5 pounds in about a week-and-a-half bringing me close to 60 pounds total in ~one year.

Can you see your dick again?
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Can you see your dick again?

You never had a problem finding it.
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The Guy Fieri restaurant obliteration review prompted a response from The New York Times' Public Editor.

It was published as her column in the "Weekend Review" section--kind of a big deal.

There is little doubt that all of Style Forvm was on tenterhooks for an update from the Gray Whore, and even less that people wanted my take so here it is: I don't think she really gets (or frankly acknowledges) what people such as Mr. Old Man Matt or myself were concerned about most with the article. You'll find few readers of Times' restaurant reviews who would have expected good food at the restaurant, there is a bigger concern about the tone and quality of the review and what it means in the big picture moving forward.

Also, lol @ Guy Fieri's response (read it in the article if you haven't read it elsewhere.)
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^ LMFAO... Fieri is such an insufferable asshat... where is his response? I didn't see it in the article...
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raided the new stock at Whole Foods today. the G&B Ginger blows.
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shouldve been a ttipmo-f&d ed.
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Goat cheese and roasted tart cherry ice cream...
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GÜ's banoffees.
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This looks super-sweet.
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I finally got around to trying Matt's egg ravioli dish the other day. Was easy to do, came out perfect, and tasted really great. Thanks, Matt.
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OK, so this is an awesome cheater way to do that dish, and I make it often (including this week, see pics wink.gif) Cut the pasta into the squares, and blanch them for two minutes, then refresh. Place each pasta square on a piece of oiled parchment. Then make your mound (I use spinach puree and mascarpone) and place the yolk of the egg in the center. Brush the edge of each piece of pasta with a little egg white, then place the unfilled halves on top of the filled halves, and press down lightly on the edges. Stick them all on a sheet pan in the fridge. Then, to serve, you stick them in a 350 oven for 6.5 minutes, remove the top parchment, and place the ravioli on plates. Spoon over sauce.
This way you don't have to worry about the two hardest things in the original. First, you don't need to press out the air from the ravioli and squeeze the edges, a time where it is very easy to break the yolk, and second you don't have to worry about getting them out of the water gently. Again, easy to break the yolk. You have to be a little gentle removing the ravioli from the bottom parchment. Either an oiled spatula or a second pair of hands helps, but it is so easy comparatively. It is also way easier to do for a group.
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My wife called me yesterday, all excited that she found a guy selling honey from a stand on the side of Highway 1 north of Santa Cruz - she bought cherry blossom and blueberry blossom honeys.

The reason why I'm posting this is that the taste and smell of the cherry blossom honey is transporting me back to both the Luberon Mountains as well as Japan in the spring - the smell has that beautiful Amaretto-like sweetness to it.
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^ Damn, the Esmeraldas Milk (42% cocoa, fleur de sel) is some fine milk chocolate. Great snap. Imagine a dark chocolate mixed with some caramel à la fleur de sel and finished with a touch of milk. It's usually 50h conched, not sure why mine says 16h conched.

Also recently tried Benoit Nihant's take on Chuao. It was decent, but I wouldn't buy it again. I'm not fond of chocolate bars with a relief (i.e. each piece has a thick frame and a very thin body). The chocolate melted very quickly in your mouth. Almost to quickly imo. Delicious, yes, but Pralus' or Amedei's are more to my liking.

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