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WSJ MTM Shirts

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July 27, 2006 WSJ (p.D6) article by Cranky Consumer. The list included:


The only one they liked was shirtcreations
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Shirtcreations sounds like a pretty crappy deal. Based on a quick glance, it looks like there's a base price of $115-170 or so. And then you tack on another $25 if you want to make it "custom" - that is, if you want them to use your actual measurements instead of just giving you a choice of, say, making the sleeve "short" or "long". There may be additional extra charges for other things, but I didn't really look. That seems like a lot to pay for an internet-ordered shirt based on self-measurements. In that price range, most people close to major metropolitan areas probably have much better options.
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Not a very educated study seeing as MyTailor.com wasn't included.. or any of the other popular Chinese options.

I wouldn't recommend Jantzen - shirt wouldn't be ready before print.
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Both this article and the recent one on non-iron shirts don't seem to have been done with a great deal of conviction. Ordering one shirt is not much of a test. And back-darts on a tapered shirt are not that unusual, though perhaps more so here than in Europe.
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