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Jones nyc suit

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Hello everybody, I have enjoyed reading your informative posts for awhile now, but this is my first post. I am buying my first suit right now, but I probably will not wear it that much. When I went in, the salesperson immediately recommended a Jones NYC suit over the other brands. She said that in terms of quality, it was the best suit they had compared to Chaps, Calvin Klein, Kennith Cole, etc... I'm not expecting Canali-like quality, but I just want the best value and quality for the money I'm paying for this suit. Does anybody have any experience with a Jones suit. All I know is that Jones primarily manufactures clothes for women, so I wondered if this was a problem. The suit is a dark navy, three button. It is 96% worsted wool, 4% nylon. The fit seems okay, but I really wouldn't know any better. Of coure, I'll have to shorten the sleeves, and cuff the pants. Thank you for any help. Esquire.
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Welcome. May I ask what price you are paying? I don't doubt the quality of the suit, but there are several places where you might spend the same amount of money and get a better deal; move up a quality-level.
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I have a Jones NY suit that I bought at a resale store here in Phoenix. I would agree with the salesgirl that it is probably of better quality than the other names you mentioned. However, I am sure that you can get some ideas of even better names for a comparable price from the other members of this group. Where are you located, and what store were you in? It sounds like they had a fairly limited selection. Bradford
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I have a Jones NY suit and it is a good suit. But that is it. I agree with the others, for the amount that you are most likely being charged for the JNY, you could find better quality and IMO style.
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My only experience with Jones NYC is a black wool coat where the wool is rapidly becoming more sandpaper-like and buttons are falling off faster than I can reattach them. I should have known better, and you won't find me making that mistake again. If you have the time to spend looking, I would imagine you could find better quality for a comparable price. Regards, dan
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Thank you so much for the replys, I have a family friend who works at a dept store, and was going to use their employee discount so I probably shouldn't name the store. With the discount, it is less than around $180. This does not include alterations. This friend is going to leave soon, so I wanted to buy a suit while I still could. Obviously, there aren't too many suits for that price. I've heard Brook Brothers are good value, but I'm kind of skinny so I don't know how well they would fit. What are some good suits for around $300-$500, and where would I buy them. I live in Southern California. Thank you for all your help. Esquire
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I just wanted to add that it orignally retailed for $495, if that makes any difference. But, then again, why would anyone actually buy a Jones suit for that much money. Thanks again.
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Wow, for $180 I'd say go for it. If you were going to be paying the full $500 retail I would have suggested checking a Saks, Neiman Marcus, or Nordstrom's outlet store; all three of those outlets have suits in that price range or lower. If you are savvy with ebay, that would be another place to check. $300 could get you a Hugo Boss if modern style with decent quality is your goal, and $400-$500 could get you a Canali if quality and classic styling is important.
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If you are uncomfortable naming the store due to the fact that you are receiving a discount you do not deserve, maybe you should reconsider this deal. Seems like you know this is stealing.
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Rider, I don't consider this stealing. This might be just semantics, but I'm going to pay for the suit. Clothing has some of the highest mark up in this consumer culture of ours, around 65%. Every company has the right to mark up their items. But, a lot of other products other than clothing is only marked up to 25%. Even with a employee discount, the company is still making a nice profit of over 40%. And, that's not including the manufacture's rebate to the retail store. I helped out this friend when he needed to buy some items, and in gratitude, he offered me the chance to use his employee discount. While working at that store, there were some very signifigant discounts on some items in the section where he worked so that they were actually affordable. However, management refused to let their sales associates to purchase these items. My friend was willing to buy them, without the employee discount. And, there was no funny business with the price. That was the price advertised in the papers, the price other customers were able to purchase them. But, management would have considered this larceny, and fired him if he had bought the items as they were advertised. So, I went in and bought those items for that person. According to you, this would be considered to be stealing. But, I think most people would agree that it wasn't. And, if you don't consider what I did for that person wrong, then I don't see why you would consider what that person did for me wrong either.
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esquire, if you're near l.a. i noticed barneys is having another warehouse sale at the santa monica airport. i went to the one last summer and everything was 50% off retail. you should be able to pick up something nice for $400. using your friend's employee discount is not stealing because the companies give out this discount knowing the discount will be used to buy things for family and friends. this is why he is allowed to buy things that are not his size.
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Hmmmm....don't suppose you wear a 40Reg, do you? If you're going for a first suit, I'm interested in passing on two D'avenza suits and a Dunhill. I'd be happy to email you scans of the cloth and hand-stitched buttonholes/ sewn lapels (NOT GLUED/ FUSED), etc. $150 each, and if you don't agree the condition is excellent, I'll refund 100%.
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Thanks for the 411 on Barney's. I live in Orange County, but it would probably take me more than an hour to get there. The only problem is that I really don't need a suit that much since I don't really need to wear one. I just wanted to buy one now when it was on sale as a back-up. Do you know if it also carries shoes. That's what I really should spend my money on. Foxx: I have no doubt that these are quality suits, and I'm interested but I'm a 38R, so I don't know if that would work and I've never bought clothes over the internet. I've heard that there some suits that just fit other body types differntly. I don't know how much the tailor could do. I'm 5'10, 150 pds. So, think skinny. I'm looking for something really conservative, so I don't have to worry about the style when I actually do have a chance to wear it. And, dark navy looks best on me. I'd also prefer side vents. SO, if any of those suits fits, let me know. Thanks. Does anybody else on this forum have any ideas. Could the tailor change a 40R to 38R.
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Esquire - In case you have not seen any of my other posts, I am a buyer for a group of high-end mens retail stores. I joined this forum after Steve sent us his book which included our store (after visiting us), and I came across the forum. So, trust me, if you use a employee discount and you are not an employee, it is considered stealing. Employee discounts are offered to allow employees to dress the part of their department more easily. It is not a profit center for a retailer. Also, I wish we could get the kind of margins you suggest. You are wrong on both counts - I am not aware of anything in Mens that is initially marked at 65% by anyone. Nor is anyone marking an initial at 25% - that would lead to a quick bankruptcy. So, the next time you consider this, you should introduce yourself to the store manager and inform him what you and your partner are doing since it makes so much sense. BTW, these are the sort of things that ultimately lead to higher prices for everyone.
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Thank you for the information Rider. Since you obviously have a greater background, I will have to assume what you are saying is true. However, this information about the mark-ups was in some book I read. Perhaps, I got confused, and this mark-up was referring specifically to women's clothing. But, it did list the mark-ups for other items, and they were nowhere as high as the mark-up for clothing. When I have the time, I will have to try to find this book again, and then we can discuss further the mark-up prices. It seems we will not be able to resolve this issue until we can agree what the markup price is. Perhaps, you can recommend some book that fully explains this. Since you are a buyer, perhpas you can explain what the mark-up price is. I would truly like to understand this. Let's say the store buys a dress shirt for a wholesale price of $20. What would the mark-up price of this shirt be, i.e. what would the store sell the price for at full retail price. Let us take the Van Huesen Dress shirts as an example. I think the full retail price is $35. Most of the time I have seen it on sale for $20. If the markup is something like 25%, then the company is losing money on every shirt they sell. This would mean that the company paid $28 wholesale for this shirt. And, these sales are not clearance sales either. But, sales that seem to be going all the time. I suspect that the shirts must have originally cost the store $20, and more likely, even less. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear your response soon. Also, could you explain your statement "anyone marking an initial at 25%". I am confused as to what you were refering to. I haven't decided whether or not to buy the suit.
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