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something about short-sleeves shirts are alright because people conduct their business while skinny dipping...something...something

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Not long ago lots of business deals were done golfing, dinners at the golf club, yacht club, rotary club, elks club, etc. Business suits, black tie, and, of course, white tie. Back when women were secretaries. Life changes.
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Tons of deals are still shook on with an iron or wine glass in the other hand. Microsoft Office killed the secretary in most cases.
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I did a deal the other day wearing Lycra (cycling is the new golf)

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I was fortunate enough to travel to a few countries in Asia and I noticed that for them it's OK to wear short sleeve dress shirts to the office. They weren't always in suits, but simply slacks and shirts.

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If you think about it, there really is little reasons for Asian to abide by Western dress code. As much as some people here hate to admit it, the world doesn't revolve around their preferred style.

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It certainly wouldnt seem to given every fashion billboard over there is some blue-eyed Hollywood weilo.
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Yet when you look at how Asian men there typically dress, they tend to follow Korean fashion more than western ones.

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It's true though, they have their own style going on I felt completely overdressed with my suits when I was working there and totally uncool walking around in casual shorts and shirt compared to the very trendy fashion there. You can spot a tall lanky American from a mile away.

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I was visiting a Burberry store here (I live in the far-east now) and trying on one of their sport coat. I commented to the sales lady that the sleeves are too long, and he told me that the sleeves are supposed to cover the wrist, and I was like, "" I then went to the Giorgio Armani store next door, and they told me the exact same thing, lol.

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