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Depending on the part of the boot that's tight, there are various options. If it's not giving you a blister or anything, just break them in naturally. However, if for example the little toe area is rubbing, breaking them in naturally will result in an ugly "outdentation" at that area, and you would be better off having them stretched a bit. You can also use slightly large shoe trees or jam regular ones in there harder than usual to stretch them a little. This works better if done right after a long wearing session so the leather (shell) is more damp and pliable.

With some more specifics, more suggestions could be made.

Nice boots, BTW.
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great looking boots! Are these a special order from alden?
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As some people already implied, shell cordovan is a good deal hotter than calfskin. Lace-up boots are considerably hotter than shoes. Wearing them in a heat wave seems positively masochistic. While not without a certain sturdy, Alden-ish charm (at least if you're into dress boots of that type), those boots really don't look at all "summery" least to me.
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Those are very nice boots. Have you tried thinner socks?
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I like them, but they seem like an odd choice for a first pair of "grown-up shoes". I can't see wearing them with anything except khakis. Would you wear them with a suit or dress slacks?
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I really like this style, but the $500+ price tag is a bit too stiff for me. Do they go on sale often? I'd seriously consider them if they can be had for under $300.

Very nice, btw. Maybe you should get a pair like denimdestroyedmylife's to alternate.
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That is one beautiful pair of boots.
Congrats on owning them. Hope the fit problems work out for you soon.
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thanks guys.

they are fitting pretty nice now. just needed a few days to break in. i appreciate everyone's advice, i have learned a lot.

i don't wear as many suits as i used to, thus the decision to get the lace up boot. my main reason is to get a pair what would go with my regular work clothes AND that would go well with my raw denim. i wanted something that would age well along with my jeans and not fall apart in 6 months.

these boots were on "sale" at the alden store on madison ave. my (now) friend there, hooked me up with a discount. he also hooked up another forum-mate who wanted the same deal. i got these for $480 which i think is a good price for something that i will have forever.

i plan to eventualy get the black boots that ddml got so i can alternate my look. i also plan to get a pair of alden indy's like rnrswitch....
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