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Correct button material/color for a mid- or dark-grey suit

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I'm thinking of having a mid- or dark-grey suit made up (not so dark as the British definition of charcoal) and I'm wondering what the right button color and material would be for such a suit. Is brown horn acceptable? What are the other good options?

Secondly, how many cuff buttons would you put on the following jackets:
1. Navy linen unlined, 2 roll 3, patch pockets
2. Navy 14/15-oz fresco blazer, 2 roll 3, lined with besom/flap pockets
3. The suit described above

In general I put 4 buttons on most jackets (suits and blazers/odd jackets) but sometimes do 3. I'm wondering if 2 buttons would be more appropriate on the linen and if 3 might be better on the fresco blazer.
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I know it's a boringly simple question but I would really like to know what people here think.
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What kind of fabric for the suit? If it's a 'sleek' worsted fabric and you will always wear black shoes with it, I'd say mid to dark grey horn. In all other cases: (dark) brown horn (except for very casual summer suits; then MoP or corozo might be options as well, but I'm guessing it's a business suit). The most important thing is to make sure that you don't get vox-grey ones.
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Bumping this old thread, with pictures, because I have the same question! I'm getting a mid grey suit made up by Lee Baron next week. The fabric is "Harrison's Fine Classics," recommended by some forum members a while back.

It'll be 3 buttons (3R2), soft shoulders, double vented, flap pockets: a pretty basic suit that I hope is versatile and I can wear a lot. It's my first grey suit and I just assumed the buttons would be black, but I passed by a similar-looking suit at J. Press today and thought that it really looked right. I like the dark brown buttons, and the raised edges (I'm not sure what to call that). What do you think? It looks comfortable to me but perhaps it's something that I would be advised to skip. I'm a high school teacher and I wear a sports coat most days, and a suit about once a week. Here's the item in question:


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Bumping this thread with pictures of J. Press goods for DOGS...

But, same questions! Mid grey flannel suit, what color buttons is best? And what about those edges? Too much flair? (I'm talking about the suit for me, not the ones on the dogs)

Thanks. BTW, it might interest those considering HK bespoke to know - the results are very good, and get better with more orders. When I went to Peter Lee for the first time, the work was very good but the problems with the fit were a collar too wide, and a jacket too short. I didn't catch it in time during the first fitting process. However, when I talked to him by phone and by mail to order my next suit and explained the issue (with pictures), he caught on very quickly and made the suit just right. Gives me a lot of confidence for future orders.

Might as well mention a bad point though - Peter's shirts are a good price (like 380 HKD), but I've had buttons fall out. It's annoying, a small caveat. But I keep ordering. I can handle a needle and thread sometimes.
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