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Originally Posted by nomovement
in response to twinn885-get the 33's. as for jomak, why don't you look into a larger cut jean. I went to the store the other day thinking that I wanted a pair of slim style jeans (6'3, 190, 33-34 waist) I couldn't fit into any style the patient salesgirl gave me. she snuk in a pair of meltin pot morgans (check their website for specs) and they fit me like a slim cut would on a smaller guy-if you're a 34-36, you might not even like they way you look in a raw straightleg. I tried on the nudie straight sven's yesterday and they looked good I'm buying a 33. or, go with what everyone else said at the begining and get the apc's..but get the straight leg (aka new rescues)

Thanks for teh advice but -- 1. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and 2. I actually like the slim look of them.

If for everyone else they were loose and for me they were tighter then I'm just fatter than y'all -- no biggie!! But after 2 days of wear i can take stairs 2 at a time again, i can pinch about 1/4" in my thigh the seat is relaxing. I don't mind them one bit. I know they will continue to loosen up in all the tight fitting areas so they are a work in progress and it's kinda fun. My chucks look like skis on me though but that comes with the 'non-bootcut' territory. All in all I am happy with them - will get som Svens or Resuces on my next go 'round. I am the type that likes to have lots of cuts/washes in my closet to choose from - i am not like some who religiously wear ONE type of jean.
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Originally Posted by Joe E Taleo
Wow, surprising comments. I bought the 33", and I'm really a 34"+, and they were slightly baggy on me. I have pretty muscular thighs, and I had no problem with the fit, whereas what I really consider slimmer jeans (like the bootcut ola) I literally had to squeeze into. For reference, I'm 5' 10", 180 lbs.

I have the one wash straight downs.

As far as these 5EPs go, they are pretty tight, I would say almost the same as bootcut OLAs. I can fit into them but they will take awhile to stretch out to be comfortable enough to wear, but I sorta like that type of fit, because it ends up fitting perfectly, many jeans I buy end up being too loose in the waist and in other places. The only problem for me is that I have muscular calves and it sometimes is a tight fit there, but these seem fine.
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