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Uh oh...Floyd flunks!

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Trouble in cycle world: Floyd Landis flunked a drug test during le Tour!
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I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being, but if he's guilty, how stupid is he?
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According to the story he had an unusually high amount of testosterone. Sort of ties in with the Today Show's feature this morning on the return of the "manly man".
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Doping in pro cycling? I'm shocked!
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I am going to be crushed if his B sample comes back positive. I followed the tour very closely, cheering for him the whole way. This is really going to harm the sport of cycling.
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At this point maybe they should just allow the use of "illegal" performance enhancing drugs. It's not like their use isn't rampant in nearly all athletics at this point anyways, and at this point people are assuming most pro athletes are using them in any case. One of my friends who competed in Track and Field from 96 till a few years back said that in his opinion 75-90% of all track and field competitors on the US team were likely using some form of performance enhancing drugs, most of them undetectable by the IOC.
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At least he didn't cheat as bad as this woman:
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Another hero falls. Next thing we find out is that Kobayashi is on the green . . .
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Leave it to the French to tell an American he has too much testosterone!

For all those years, they tried to nail Lance Armstrong. It's the same thing all over again with Floyd Landis.

Let's see the results of the second sample's analysis.
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Oh, Armstrong was clean? Poor baby, harrassed by the French press... Interesting to see how defensive and rude he became when interviewed about humor (you know, before he paid a friendly visit to his failing friend Floyd who rode into the sunset the next day) . Of course, Armstrong is the master of humor and the unknown French journalist who catches him off guard is a d....head. Let's turn this over upside down round and round. Just for fun.
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I guess we'll see what happens. If it was the cortisone shots that elevated his levels, he'll fail the B test and will have a lot of work to do to clear his name. The TdF officials gave Landis a waiver for the cortisone, so one would assume that they knew of its properties. Landis may also have taken drugs - who knows?

I'm all for getting rid of the drug regulation. I want to see what man can achieve when aided by the finest in performance-enhancing medications. Remember the SNL All-Drug Olympics?
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i think they should be limited to riding 100% organic bicycles.
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Originally Posted by faustian bargain
i think they should be limited to riding 100% organic bicycles.
Almost there! Most pros ride carbon fiber frames.
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He mentioned in an interview that he has 'naturally high levels of testosterone'. If that were true, wouldn't he have been caught much earlier than this? I thought they test these guys very frequently.
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