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black denim again

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now that CR's service is done, I thought I would see if anyone actually picked up some black denim or could help me in my search.

They don't have to only be a black raw, but it would be nice. Does 5EP do a black denim or any other easily obtainable brands besides rag and bone?

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Blue in Green will have the black raw Samurai coming in soon. Not incredibly easy to obtain, but they do do mail order. That'd be my choice if I wanted to go black (well, that or the black overdyed sorahiko).
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i guess i sorta answered my own question... are these jeans as tight and tapered as they appear on the model and are they worth the price tag?
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I had NO idea that 5EP came in black... 5EP straight definitely wasn't tight when I tried them (wasn't ridiculously loose either). The bootcuts are the tigher of the 2 cuts. I'd say they are worth it (i'd still go Samurai though). The denim on my 5EP is pretty damn impressive.
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the 5EP isnt raw is it?
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T minus 14 days before Samurai start shipping the S5000BK. Can't wait.
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Originally Posted by John11f
Can't wait.
Waiting is your only option! I prefer the look of said Sammies due to the black stitching.
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i heart my black sorahiko's
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I want those Sorahikos pretty bad. I was torn between those and the Sammies. The Way of the Samurai is one of immediacy, and it is best to dash in headlong.
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I got the black raw denime 66 from coldrice. I love the denim - black with the white weft - but I wish the cut were a tad slimmer. I know SDA does a black denim with the same cut as the sd-103 (d-292?) That would be worth checking out. The Denime is priced pretty reasonably.
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some guy on superfture is selling somets which look unbelievable

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i was thinking about getting the somets, but they look pretty tight. Any idea on the fit of the S5000BK?
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Check this post out:

Talks about the fit a bit.
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those black samaruis look amazing..drool. Does BIG do phone orders and any idea the retail on these?
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They do phone orders, and I think most of their Samurai stuff goes for $285.
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