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Earnest request for reccomendations

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Did you like that play on words? I thought it was rather witty.


I'm in Korea and unfortunately do not have the luxury of trying on jeans before I order them online. I have browzed through many shopping sites and read many descriptions of the different jeans, but in order to be sure I need some help on sizing and fits in specific relation to ME.

I'm trying to decide on a model of Earnest Sewn jeans. They seem to have a widely respected reputation on this forum, and the opinions here I trust. Y'all are some fashionable folks. <--- *strange that "tongue" is spelled wrong in that smiley code*

I like jeans without all the crazy pockets and extra details. I don't like ripped jeans or jeans with studs or extra pockets all over them, etc etc. Just looking for a good quality pair of fitted jeans that can work in both casual and professional environments.

I was thinking of getting the Hutch Bootcut style, or the Jakimo. There doesn't seem to be much info on this site about the latter style. I like jeans that are fitted and reasonably tight, but not "skinny" style and not tapered at the bottom. (I have size 13US feet: it just doesn't work. haha).

I'm 6'2" and I weigh approx. 180lbs. I'm fairly fit, but not overly muscular and I don't think I'd be considered "skinny" by many people.

Here are a couple pics of an old pair of Diesel Zathan jeans that I own. As I have mentioned before, I'm really new to the whole premium denim market, and as of now these are the only jeans I own which I actually like. Hoping, with your help, to change that.

Reccomendations Please!!

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the hutch sounds right up your alley,you can probably see pics of people actually wearing them on
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I dont know...I own a couple pairs of the fultons and love them. They are the straight leg, not bootcut. Personally, I prefer straight leg over bootcut. If you're not sure, you can try ordering both hutch and fulton from and return the one you don't like.
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I'm fond of the Hutch, which is kinda a slim bootcut. If you've ever worn PDC GTOs, they're fairly similar.
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awesome! thanks for the replies everyone! another quick question: i don't really like "stiff" denim. perhaps this is because i don't have any experience with it. but anyway, which wash is the best for a softer, less-likely to stretch/shrink jean?
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ES jeans are not as rigid as some nudies or APCs etc, they're probably more like Diesel than PDC/Seven though, in terms of softness, but they are quite nice and will likely last awhile...
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thanks for that drizzt... still though -- when i look at the Jakimo style on Bluefly, i like the back pockets a bit better than the Hutch. but i wish i knew about how it fit more specifically. has anyone here bought a pair?
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I have a pair of Hutchs and a pair of Jakimos. I like both and they fit very similar. The Jakimo cut is a tad tighter in the ass and thighs. The Jakimo is the dressier of the two, and looks good with a sportcoat.
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I feel that we are brothers.
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