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Yeah, it was honestly just the length that was bothering me. I was thinking about styling it like a long coat - but I'm in LA and that won't fly most of the time. Thanks for the input Hendrix
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Not feeling it, cut isn't flattering.
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The chinos are throwing it off.  Pop the collar, throw on some grey/black jeans and take another pic?

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yeah well, I mean if you're up for a bit of a challenge, it fits you pretty much exactly as I imagine it's meant to fit, just not with chinos etc.

It could be one of those things that sits in the back of your wardrobe for 5+ years until its miraculous rediscovery. I guess it depends what you're after.
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No its gross return it
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This thread needs resurrecting. Takahiro is still making great stuff. I don't always like the lookbooks, but I think the actual pieces are sick. Really love the shirts in particular. Old cowboy shirts were so good.



gray version

Cocktail shirt is awesome.

Stuff looks great on the ladies too.

Great shots of a huge number of items: http://circus-store.tumblr.com
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i think the brand is a bit hard to discuss cause it's not that accessible outside of Asia and NY. all the pieces are pretty awesome - sometimes hard to wear though. i don't own or wear as much of it these days but i still have utmost faith in miyashita

rumour has it some retailers like HAVEN will be stocking soloist soon, so perhaps that will help in increasing popularity : )
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