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Authentic Zegna?

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Was hoping someone could have a look at these pics and let me know if they think this is an authentic zegna suit from 2004 era. Please let me know! thanks very much!
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I bought a Zegna tie from this seller and it was real. I can't say for sure but the suit looks legit to me. Likely older than 2004 tho. I could be wrong but I would guess maybe 2000-2001, perhaps late 1990s.

It is black though
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I'm not sure if it's genuine. It probably is but I saw this ad on Ebay for a NWT Zegna suit and it looks identical(the ad that is) to your proposed seller. This would make me wonder.

Also, the seller has sold and is listing a whole lot of much lower priced, and lower quality items than Zegna. Having said all this, it certainly might be a genuine Zegna. But I think you might do better in price and certainly in peace of mind if you did some research on this Style Forum, AAAC(Ask Andy About Clothes) and Ebay itself. Right off the top of my head, Honest*Goods come to mind as a seller of high end Italian, such as Zegna, who is very reputable.

Here is the other Zegna for sale with the very similar ad lay out!
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I bought 2 from eclass , and they are very nicely made , but my advise is that is way over priced for Zegna on Ebay and particularly that model.

With a little patience you can get oxxford in that range.
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They look authentic to me, and 2004 sounds about right.
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thank you all very much for your input!! --meeko_198
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Yes. I think this is real Zegna.
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