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Dries van Noten suits?

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Anyone know anything about Dries van Noten suits and can comment? Saw one at Filenes that looked nice, soft, seemed canvassed, although the label said made in XXX, I forget but I think it was an Eastern European country).
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The two that I have are both made in Morocco. I don't know enough to comment on their quality, though. What attracts me to his suits are the really great textures and colors, the slim fit and higher armholes. They're not as flashy as Paul Smith or Etro suits (well, not usually) but still quite fun. I'd snap one up at a deep discount.
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I forget now who produces them, but it isn't a very famous maker (certainly not a suit maker). Most are made in Morocco. The quality and fabrics are so-so but most buy them for the cut/style. As well, compared to most designer suits at retail, they are priced more reasonably. Generally, they run perhaps $1200 or so. So, I don't think you'll get much handwork and all the ones I've seen have been fused.

All around, still a fair suit, but purchased more for the style than for the quality. If you could get one for less than $400, I'd say it would be worth it, unless you just love Dries' style. If you are searching for high quality at that price point, you can find better elsewhere.

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