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White dress shirts to cover tattoos?

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I'm beginning the very long process of getting both arms sleeved in tattoos. I'm only at the shoulder-cap stage now, so undershirts are doing the job of covering my tattoos at work. However, soon I'll be starting the linework on the parts of my arms that an undershirt won't cover.

I generally wear Lands' End dress shirts, and some of them, particularly the patterned shirts, are dark/sturdy/busy enough to cover things up. However, I'm looking for nice, reasonably priced white dress shirts that are thick enough to cover heavy tattoos. The tattoos show through Lands' End's white shirts.

Thanks as always for your help!
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Wow... good luck. My wife's tattoos show through most cotton/cotton blend blouses. Best bet would be an undershirt OR more coarse/heavy weaves (broadcloth in most cases won't work afaik) Edit: Some of the fabrics in Land's End custom program may work for you.
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I've had this problem as well. Most white shirts arent opaque enough to cover my arms, a backpiece, chest time I went to dinner at my mom's in such a shirt so I was freakin a bit since she doesnt even know I'm as covered as I am and I didnt realize how visible my tattoos were thru the white shirt. This prolly wont help much, but the one predominantly white shirt I have that is completely opaque and made of fairly hefty cotton is by Duncan Quinn. Good luck, I'd be interested in hearing ideas as well....
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Even the thickest of white shirtings will show some of your work. If hiding your tattoos is a must at work, I suggest you get used to the idea of not removing your jacket.
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Come to think of it... I have a Zegna shirt I got from Sartorial Solutions a while ago that is sort of an ecru colour that has a nice thick weave to it. There is also a $6 Nordstrom shirt I got that has a nice herringbone pattern, don';t remember what sort of weave it is; 100% cotton though. How dark is your ink? How about relative to your skin tone? If you are northern-european pasty-white with bright colours, it will be harder than say if you are black with darker ink. On the other hand I think you will find that the slimmer the shirt the worse it will show Edit: I agree with Vintage Gent to a point - there are some shirts that will work much better but you will be indeed very restricted. I don't have any ink on me so I always wonder why people get the stuff then worry about hiding it. I mean in principle, I know why they have to
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Oxfords man.
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Covering ink with a white shirt is a tall order. Try patterned white-on-whites or twills. Maybe royal oxford but I doubt it.
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I think we need another Jantzen thread; this time, "Which Jantzen fabrics will cover my tattoos"
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I have some Brooks Bros. Oxfords that are pretty thick/heavy. Maybe something with herringbone or Dobby texture would help?
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Originally Posted by lawyerdad
I have some Brooks Bros. Oxfords that are pretty thick/heavy. Maybe something with herringbone or Dobby texture would help?

I don't have a full sleeve, but I find herringbone and oxford tend to cover mine well. One reason I wear Brooks Brothers Polo shirts is because the sleeves are long enough to cover my arm tattoos. Otherwise, don't wear white.
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i have a couple white heavy herringbones+ twills from Jantzen that don't show my tattoos at all.
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RL Polo oxford shirts tend to be rathr thick. You might ask if you can try one own.
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I don't have tattoos but the most opaque white shirts that I own are a Carlo Franco white herringbone and a Sartoria Attolini which is sort of a weave, and I imagine neither of them would show tattoos through them.
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Under Armour HeatGear long sleeve undershirts. The sleeves do get a tiny bit warmer than wearing nothing, but they along with your dress shirt will definitely cover up any ink. Unfortunately, the ones I've found have a black UA logo on the chest. You might be able to peel it off though - the one I've had longest is starting to crack a little bit and would probably peel off if I tried.
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The Brooks Brothers non-iron, slim fit shirts do a great job in hidding my tattoos.
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