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I bought some jeans

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I bought a pair of stark white PDC jeans at a discount shop in town for about $20. They look fantastic and I really like them, but I'm not positive as to what to wear them with. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. By the way, they look like a bootcut. I don't really know much about the brand, so I'm not sure if I got a really great deal or not. But they sure look sharp.
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First off, I'm not too familiar with "PDC," but I'm imagining white jeans can't be all that different from one another. I definitely suggest wearing them with a dark shirt or sweater. Personally, I'm a big fan of navy blue. Some type of V-neck long sleeve would look really cool with just a white undershirt, since it would match the jeans. If you have dark colored Pumas or the like, try that. If not, perhaps you have some black leather slides? And - of course - remember the matching belt. I really don't like it when guys go belt-less with pants that have beltloops.  You could also put it with a charcoal grey long-sleeve shirt. Obviously, I think long-sleeve is the way to go. But, I'm sure you could pull off a tee-shirt. I hope this helps a bit.
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Thanks. It did help. I think the charcoal grey would look great with them. It was one of those blind purchases where I had no idea where or what I would wear them with. But now I have an idea. By the way, PDC stands for Paper, Denim & Cloth. I did a little research and most of their jeans retail above $150. So I'm happy I snatched them up.
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Nice catch -- I mean, obviously, you were happy to begin with. But, now, to find out you got a $150 pair of jeans for a mere $20. Glad I could be of some service. Enjoy 'em. I wear my jeans way too often. I'm having the right knee of some patched up right now to extend their longevity. Hmm, does anyone else experience that? One knee in a pair of pants ripping before anything else gives? It's happened once before - nothing too serious, but it's perplexing. I'm right-handed/legged... so that may have something to do with it, since it was the right knee in both instances. Oh well.
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You can sport them with a pair of Timberland's...though Im not sure how folks on this board feel about that. A dark blue or charcoal wool sweater will also do. Speaking of belts and belt-loops...what's the deal with people NOT wearing belts. I see it in the magazines, on TV and pictures here and there, even on the that the thing not wear a belt? I keep seeing the same thing - a nice pair of dressy pants, button shirt tucked in and NO belt. Am I missing something?
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I sure hope beltless isn't becoming anything near a look. The majority of people sporting it, I wouldn't exactly group as trendsetters. Though, you're right when you mention that it's shown up in magazines and on TV... Of course, do you believe everything you see on television? haha Honestly, when a guy doesn't wear a belt, is he thinking? I assume not. I just think it looks so awkward with those lonely beltloops. Give them some company, boys. Unite beltloops everywhere -- wear a belt.
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Yeah. I hate to see the beltless thing too. Personally, I think it's just carelessness. I was contemplating buying a white belt to go with the pants, but I'm not going to do that. I have a skinny black G belt that would look great.
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I'm leaning towards buying one of the ever popular studded belts to wear with these pants. I'm thinking that would look really neat. But alas, I don't like having things everyone else has. I'm debating.
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I personally do not think those studded belts look good on anything. For those jeans perhaps a smiple skinny Prada belt. Also there is a certain Westwood belt that would look pleasing. The buckle is gold VW in the signature letter font.
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I've seen that VW belt. I personally don't want to do gold with white. I'd rather do a silver or gunmetal. In the meantime, I'm going to use my skinny black "G" belt in gunmetal and textured leather with them.
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