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Originally Posted by pkincy
Has it arrived yet??

I find the Isaia to be a relatively close cut. I would call a e56R a 44R not a 45 or a 46.

In Isaia I wear a e54R which Neiman's calls a 42/43R. The e56R Neimans will convert as a 44R. And even than it will fit a bit tite for a 44R.

I do love the suits, their construction and of course their fabrics.

If you like it STP has a number of them that you can get in the $900 range with a 20% off coupon.


yeah, e54 is really a 42 or 43. european sizes are metric. why people insist that european sizes for europeans who use the metric system are actually measured by inches plus 10 confounds me.

anyway, take the european size, multiply by two, and convert to inches. 108 centimeters (i.e, twice 54) is about 42.5 inches.
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Perry, I agree with the size, I think E56 fits to around 45 to 44 American. Most of the suits I wear 46, with a little of room in the chest (which needs to be tailored out) since my shoulders required 46 sizing. With Isaia , there is little room around my chest (however, I could move around in the jacket very well ) , shoulders fit perfectly, the whole jacket feels like a glove. I was once told by Saks salesperson the superb fit of Isaia is due to its hand swen shoulders and light padding. Don't know if this is the reason or not, but out of all the suits I've tried on/ own , Isaia's fit is head above all others.
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