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Post pics of your FIRST car

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Everyone has a special place in their heart for their first car. I know I did. I saw someone driving a similar one and it just brought back good memories... so post yours!

1993 Lincoln Mark 8
Bought Marroon color with 40k miles on it in 1998 for $10k

The car was nothing but problems, but so pimpin for a 17 year old. It was fast, i had a thumping system in it, moon roof, leather and it came with a CAR PHONE!!!

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^ I actually dont hate that interior. Looks very cockpit-ish. Hell, its better than most of today's american and jap interiors.
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I saved up 10 grand to buy this bad boy when I was 16 (just a little over 4 years ago) and parents covered the rest. Worked all the damn time from 12-16, but it was totally worth it. Car was completely stock when I got it and I added the 18" rims, full sound system and a couple of performance modifications all out of my pocket. I eventually hit an unmarked pothole about 2 years after having it. It was TWO feet deep, so it bent two of my rims and warped my frame as I was going about 50mph. God I miss my BMW so much. I drive a Honda Civic now, but I guess the 38mpg highway thing is pretty cool
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In high school, I drove a 1998 Honda Prelude Type SH. Sadly, it was sold years ago. I'll never forget it. These are from ad materials, but they show my car in the exact trim and color.
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Vl Calais with an RB30ET in it.. Those were the days
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I bought a 10 year old Audi 5000 Turbo after a summer working the late shift at a fast food restaurant for two thousand cash. If I recall the insurance cost more than that for a 16 year old driver.

It was actually quite a bit of fun to drive, and the near constant breakdowns started me working on cars myself, which helped save a lot of money over the years and taught me valuable lessons about most mechanics. I had some decent sex in that car my last year of high school, unfortunately it was destroyed when a pickup truck crashed into me my first year of college.
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1990 Honda Accord like one above. Bought in 1996 so it was only one model year old. Ran perfectly when I sold it with 180K+ miles on it. However, they had a problem developing rust around the rear wheel wells. I had that area fixed/repainted a few times. I don't like a car with rust showing on the body.
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The only picture of it I have: A 1965 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible. I bought it originally for $350 but by the time this picture was taken I'd spent another $1500 on it to replace the engine, the transmission, the chassis, the convertible top, the seats and to completely redo the body and paint job. Keep in mind that these were 1977-1978 dollars. The new version had a completely rebuilt 1972 Super Beetle engine with oversized jugs and pistons. I couldn't really race anyone, but it had impressive power for what it was. I'm not now, nor was I ever a mechanic, but I probably tore that carburetor down and rebuilt it half a dozen times in the few years I had it. That was back when you could actually work on a car with simple tools and without computerized diagnostics. Yes, that is my 16 year old face peering out the back window. The only car I've ever owned that I wish I still had.
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Had a triumph spitfire just like the one below. It was a really bad choice in a car for a 18 year old with no money, or mechanical skill, but it sure looked good.

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I drove this to college when it was 26 years old. While it had a 318, it unfortunately only had a 2bbl in it (would have swapped it for a 4bbl, but the reason I didn't want to consume more gas was the same reason I was driving a 26yo car). It had bad breaks and bad steering. The driveline shunting in snow was murderous. It's really annoying when the car in front of you can stop four times as fast as you can. It once took me 9.5 hrs to make a 1:45 trip when the first snow of the season dropped 2 inches before the DOT was ready (I had cheater chains I kept in it at all times, and threw them maybe six times, rebuilt them twice with the tools in the car). Worst of all, the Lean Burn system in it was horrific, but I never really had time to pull it off -- a few times I drove to work (2 miles) and because the carb got screwed up, I had to pull and sandblast the plugs at work to get back home, or it would stall when you hit the gas, or sometimes going down the long hill near me. Threw the alternator belt once, lost the radiator twice, dropped different parts of the exhaust system and had to wire them to the undercarriage on several occasions. Lost the windshield wipers once (tied string to one going each way so I could actuate from in the car. Got hit in it once by someone not realizing that when there are two lanes and you are pulling out, you have to look at both -- that Neon got pretty ripped up, I admit. The locks would fail for no reason, so I kept a jimmy bar in the trunk, which was interesting to explain to the campus police. But, it taught me to really be aware, to look far ahead, to break earlier rather than later. Its the only car I ever spun unintentionally, and the first car I did a skid-steer-skid-countersteer in, which was so easy I'd drift it on the back roads when driving home in light snow. So I guess that somehow I do have a soft spot for it. It still runs, but needs a new y-pipe to get through inspection, which we will do at least to use to quickly run down and get gas for the lawnmower and whatnot. ~ H
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88 CRX SI when I was 14 ('01 or '02).. except mine was no where as clean
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1984 Camaro Z28. I got it in '95, and it was a POS. It was constantly breaking down, though working on it served as a great learning experience. The repair bills got so high that I eventually had to start learning to fix it myself, and that knowledge has come in handy quite often in the years since.

Even with all of the problems, it was somehow extraordinarily fast. To this day, it's one of the fastest cars I've ever driven. In retrospect, I'm a little surprised I survived owning it.

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I loved this car; 5spd, rwd, nice system in it, incredible handling. Freshman weren't allowed to park on campus so I didn't bring my car with me my first year at college. 2 weeks before summer break we had a freak flood in my hometown area and the car was at a friend's place (has a ton of land/space) who lives 100 feet from the river. The car was not insured as it was off the road...

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I was lucky to find a used 1969 Mach I for sale in 1971 for $1, 300. It had 12K on the odometer and an 8 track with 3 tapes. I was a senior in High School. What a car!

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Whoah. Bad ass.
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