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Winter white sweaters?

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I saw a picture somewhere of a white v-neck sweater underneath a fall sportcoat. It looked good. Anyone recall seeing the same picture? It was on here or on something linked from here.

Also, what do you think about white/cream sweaters in winters?
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Ivory looks better than pure white.
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I just picked up an ivory crewneck from the J. Crew sale. I like it, but I'm dark complected. Probably wouldn't work as well for the light-haired and fair-skinned. (I'm a bit worried how it will look on me once my tan fades ...)
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A nice cashmere white (or off-white) sweater is a must in anyone's style. They go with most everything.
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I love them.
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where can one get a quality ivory v-neck cashmere sweater?
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Light colored cashmere sweaters are a must. Start a collection of white, off-white, ivory, antique, etc ones. They are necessary luxury.
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I love a nice ecru/ivory/off-white sweater and the chunkier it is, the better it is. I'm very disappointed that I just had to return a J.G. Glover ecru merino wool sweater to STP because the sleeves are too short ($19.95, discounted from $120).
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