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And this isn't a dumb thread....
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sounds like she's both pretty & smart? is she not?

Originally Posted by Svenn View Post
exactly, she's japanese but only dates black guys... yet scoffs at the thought of ever marrying one cuz her parents wouldn't approve. i guess the weirdest part is the thought of defying her parents for love's sake doesn't even occur to her, it's just an obstinate 'no' to the possibility at all. It makes it all abundantly clear that she's just using them as toys... worst part is i hear the black guys sincerely wanna have a relationship with her, move in together etc, yet she breaks up with them like candy. certified grade A bitch if you ask me.
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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post
I don't know that I ever had a hard and fast blueprint for a mate. It may be a bit racist of me to admit, but I once quipped to my mother that any black girl with enough going for her that I might be interested in marrying her would probably not be interested in marrying me!

In general though, my tastes have run to my own kind, e.g., women of north European ancestry:

Wife #1: Irish & German
Wife #2: Norwegian and Irish (favored the Norwegian side strongly in looks)
Wife #3: 3/4 English, 1/4 Irish

Given what disasters my first two marriages were, perhaps I might have been better advised to have looked elsewhere. On reflection, just about every dirty deed that has ever been inflicted on me has been by white people of north European ancestry. So screw Aryan solidarity!

whenevr i meet an ugly woman, half the time she has irish ancestry, which is surprising because they are such a good looking people in general

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I would only reproduce with hot chicks. We hot people need to protect our genetic line.
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