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The essential elements of style

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Assuming that one is not sitting on a trust fund from a wealthy uncle, but must live on a limited budget, what are the essential elements of style never to skimp on?  I think it's a haircut, because that's what other people notice first and remember longest, and shoes, because a cheap pair can make your day hell and will wear out quickly.  To that I would also add tipping -- no one wants to appear cheap in daily social interactions. Any others?
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Check the Topic "What 5 items must every stylish man have?" You can find it further down....
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There are lots of things that can be bought in outlets or even as imitation that will not effect the nice look your going for. Shoes are important though. Really the clothes and even shoes arent that important because noone can really say for usre if they are designer or not. That said, my opinion on the subject would be that ties should be designer, because you can immediatly call attention to the tie and that should stop all other questions. Yes, a good haircut is important.
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I agree that shoes and a good haircut should be on the list. One other thing: spend the extra money on tailoring to make sure everything fits you properly. Obviously most people get dress pants tailored. But you wouldn't believe what a world of difference a properly fitted shirt makes. I see so many guys wearing shirts with sleeves too long or the collar too big and it looks terrible.
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To show style to ladies, I think wearing a good cologne is extremely important, as well as having a good haircut which seems to be the consensus of the room. I also have to agree with a nice pair of shoes that are well kept.
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I give you my two cents: - a nice pair(s) of shoes with matching belt. - great haircut that fits his face's shape and pigment - sunglasses (aviator... and I like the tortoise print) - at least one nice (versatile) suit - brown or black leather jacket (any style) I consider these the mainstays of my wardrobe.
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A good haircut is often the most overlooked thing in a man's personal style. This is one area where i certainly don't skimp on. I mean, I have some friends that will pay for expensive clothes to look good, but then will get a bargain haircut for like $8. It dosn't make sense, it just negates everything you pay for in clothes. They think im crazy for spending $20 for gels and pomades. A great haircut CAN make up for a lack of style with clothes.
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Mike, I must disagree with your last statement. A great haircut on a guy with no style sense just means he has enough money to get someone good to cut his hair. It doesn't mean he pays any attention to how he looks. Personally, I cut my own hair because it's wavy and thick (hides mistakes) and I do a better job than anyone I've ever paid to do it. Plus I can do a little at a time every other day for a week to get it exactly perfect. Another side benefit: it's free.
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