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terre d'hermes (hermes) - best summer scent imo le roy soleil homme (dali) - good summer citrus gendarme (gendarme)- good everyday scent, you will smell like soap l'instant de guerlain pour homme (guerlain) - decent early winter scent, smells like you're made of campfire in the basenotes cuiron pour homme (helmut lang-discontinued) - baller leather scent, perfect for crisp fall days rive gauche (ysl) - great going out on the town scent i really want to get dior homme and m7. also geir ness smells pretty good
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Creed Erolfa - so perfect for summer
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post
Any sellers you would recommend?
The two sellers I bought from don't seem to have anything posted at the moment
Originally Posted by Uncontrol View Post
If you wear fragrances for anyone but yourself and/or your SO, you're going to be disappointed by the lack of reactions. I think it's something people mostly register on an unconscious level.
Well, you're only supposed to be able to smell it when you're in close proximity anyway, nothing worse than perfuming an entire room, regardless of the scent
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Wore my terre d'hermes today, excellent, don't know if I like it or my Tom Ford for men better.
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Any good links for decants, or is that frowned upon?
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I wore Burberry Brit all winter, but I need a new summer cologne. Need to break from the mallish Marc Jacobs. Leaning towards terre d'hermes or Chanel Allure sport
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^ Hermes won't dissapoint
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^Any experience with the Chanel?
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Originally Posted by Kvc06 View Post
^ Hermes won't dissapoint
and L' homme YSL
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Hinoki cdg X monocle
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Would people recommend CDG2 or CDG2 Man?
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Maybe too mall brand for this thread, but generally CD Eau Sauvage Extreme
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YSL Rive Gauche a few times a week. RG strikes me as the best you can smell without coming off as someone who's really trying to smell good. YSL Opium PH once in a while to change it up, especially on warm summer nights. Edit: Really rarely, Animale for Men. Makes me sneeze when I put it on but it smells great about a half an hour in.
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insert obligatory "before you buy it because you read someone likes it, you need to try it on your skin first as your skin chemistry/natural odor can make your shit stink" post. I just use the high school go-to, Drakkar Noir. (just kidding. Hugo, JV Vintage, Issey Miyaki, Marc, and Fahrenheit are my current rotation. I'd rather spend the big bucks on leather.)
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Originally Posted by edubs01 View Post
Would people recommend CDG2 or CDG2 Man?

CD2 Man is highly recommended, I still need to pick up a bottle. Its a very unique smokey scent so some people don't like it, but I can't get enough of it.
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