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TBS has 20% VAT reduction and the occasional 20% off additional. Still doesn't add up to CP's only being $30 - $40 more???

End of season sales is a gamble with sizing obviously and getting white or black colorways for lows/mids/highs in your size is unlikely.


I was planning on a FREE proxy with no shipping fees as my friend is visiting from Japan so I'm hoping to get these for under $200.

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Right and whenever there is a code, white CP's go like crazy. Even then it ends up being 300 ish anyway. Plus haven't seen a 20% tbs code for ages.

If you like them just buy them. Anyways, doesn't rakuten have a global site so you dont have to proxy? Or are they not available on there?
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Let us know how they fit etc if you get them Rommel. Really like the navy satin slip-ons.
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It's not a significant savings with only $50-$100 difference, it's highly unlikely they will be even close to the quality of Common Projects and since you have to proxy returning is out of the question. Best case scenario — you have a generic version of Common Projects for $100 less, and worst case is you're out of $200. Does not seem logical to me.

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is it just me or is everything in here really plain

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We're talking about sneakers. How fancy do you need to get?
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dis fancy:

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Originally Posted by NormanF View Post

Affordable sneakers -

The JCP Army Trainer... a decent knockoff of the baller MMM German Army Trainers.

I got mine in off color white for $25.49 after the coupon. Current sale price is $29.99. They used to retail for $50.00. Kick ass classic sneakers without visible branding after a much loved style. You can't go wrong with 'em and people apparently agree as remaining inventory is limited.

Anyone know where I can grab these in white still? Jcp only shows black color available.
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Pretty fly for $75.

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Is there anywhere to get suede vans slip ons? Do they exist? Can't find any collabos I want
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Doesn't Saturdays make one? Or do you just want Vans brand?
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