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That's a good idea. Having a plebe ignore list and a fat ignore list is something to start figuring out
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Originally Posted by Smahatma View Post
This thread also serves as a convenient gauntlet for rounding up plebes so that my assistant doesn't have to spend as much time sifting through the entire forum for worthless members to add to my Ignore List.

precisely my thoughts
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What are your favorite non-baller high tops other than the Converse Highs?
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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post
Agreed, donated mine after they gave me blisters after a weeks wear
They also completely wear out after six months of hard wear

As a dedicated wearer of boots it pains me to say this, but chucks are the most comfortable shoes I've owned in my adult life. The only competition they have is a custom pair of Wesco engineer boots that I can't wear with any jeans I currently own (I really mean can't; they either wouldn't fit over them at all, or would be stretched tight and look super-ridiculous).

It's the softness of the upper and the flatness of the sole that makes them work for me. Other shoes tend to irritate my little toe, and there are just general dimensional problems (my feet are a little narrow and a little flat) that lead to woe. So a shoe that's basically a sack tied to your foot turns out to be ideal.

I like the look of Stan Smiths, and unlike the shoes in the other thread they're something I could conceivably get this year. I do fear that the harder leather construction will make them less pleasant to wear.
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Just got these a couple days ago. Good, bad, meh?
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Good thread, Lemmy. And I'm interested in how jet responds to your question. I doubt he wears nonballer anything, but I think it's very cool when a baller can recommend something nonballer for us, such as, "I think the Sambas are a good choice," etc.
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recently picked these up on the cheap. not for everyday wear, but supremely comfortable and look mighty fine with chinos.
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Originally Posted by pallidsoul View Post

Just got these a couple days ago. Good, bad, meh?

I like them, but ugh, velcro.

My first pair of sneakers in like six years:

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No Vans yet?

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uncontrol, why you double dipping dawg? Ahaha willy, i like those mark mcnairy x pro keds. The colours look bright. If the shape wasn't so schoolgirl-ish I'd rock.
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Here are some sneakers from a brand called SAWA. Not sure of any retailer other than Comme Des Garcons' and Wood Wood's B&M shop. Retail is like $95 IIRC. One interesting this about them is EVERYTHING is made in Africa (sole, leather, laces, thread, etc).

And probably the single greatest pair fo sneakers under $100 in existence, the German Army Trainer. Available on German ebay for around $50 with shipping.

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Do you have a link to the German Army Trainer auction? I did a search for "army trainer" located in worldwide and came up with nothing that matches. Those shoes look a lot like white Addidas Sambas...
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I like those SAWAs! And I like those Supergas as well!! Nice thread!!! My daily shoes are Jack Purcells and Adidas Samba K's
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I've been really into Puma 917s lately, just got a pair of lows in tan and I really like them. It draws cues from the Chuck and balmoral sneakers like the Samba, but puts the whole midsole on a tilt for a really streamlined effect. Plus the Puma formstrip generally looks pretty sharp.

I have an old pair of navy chucks, not great as part of an outfit but fantastic beater shoes.
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