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Bespoke, florentine style

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Shirts: Leonardo Bugelli 21R Via Fra Bartolomeo Shoes: Stefano Bemer (are these Stefano Bi)? 143R Borgo San Frediano grazie tanti.
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For the shirtmaker Leonardo Bugelli I seem to recall he was taught by an older master, and works alone or something in his independent atelier. Curiously he only exports to the country of Japan. But then I suppose that the Japanese are quite big fans of the bespoke experience as they carry Stefano Bi, Berluti and other rather esoteric Italian brands in the Takashimaya department store. And for the Tuscan shoemaker Stefano Bermer it would seem that he is similar to Silvano Lattanzi in that they both create bespoke footwear from start to finish. I read once that he has an avant garde way of dying fine hides. He has also experimented with wines in the colouring processes. Apparently the colour of fine burgandy is a popular scheme with clients.
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Stefano Bemer is a maker of bespoke, handmade shoes in Florence. It is possible, that the shop also offers a range of ready-to-wear shoes. I presume, these shoes will be factory-made. When you visit the shop, you will be missing Bemer's most famous apprentice/assistant, one certain Daniel Day-Lewis (yes, the film star). Allegedly he was working for well over a year in Bemer's workshop to learn the craft of making shoes. Now that he has returned to acting, I wonder whether shoemaking has lost a potential master. Stefano Bi is a shoe factory owned by LVMH, which makes all the shoes (men and women) for the group: Louis Vuitton, Berluti etc. as well as their own label. (Rather like Sergio Rossi for the Gucci group.)
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Found this website while searching for Bugelli. No real info, unless you speak Japanese - it just struck me as... well, vaguely creepy... Like the webmaster is a known serial killer showing off his shirt collection... EDIT: Google cached version here... still creepy.
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My japanese is pretty bad (ashamed to say), but I could pick out a thing here or there. And yes it's VERY creepy....japanese people can be VERY obsessive/compulsive about their "hobbies".
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