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I posted in an old thread that prescription sunglasses might run me $200 in Manila. Apparently, I was misinformed, and they'll charge a minimum of $300, and that's just using some kind of similar polarized, polycarbonate lens material but not the manufacturer's originals.

What I did was ask the optometrist I patronized for prescription eyeglasses write me up a prescription, and decide to take my chances in the United States.

I don't know if this is a stupid question but it certainly involves a $200 or more expenditure. How do people shop for prescription sunglasses, the way SF'ers have catalogued, say, the most reliable ways to get Edward Greens at 50% off or more? For example, I've seen a few sites where you can just enter the prescription. But what's the most cost-effective way of doing this? (Also taking into account that I have a foreign prescription.)