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GVH Polo Chelsea Boots

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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy some nice fitting chelsea boots. Has anyone had any experience with the GVH Polo Black Chelseas?? How do they fit in terms of size. Also, how happy are you with them?

If anyone has any other suggestions or brands for Chelsea boots I am more than open to them . Thanks alot!
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I'm pleased with them, but haven't worn them yet except to try on.

The soles are leather with a rubber insert under the ball of the foot. That makes them a little more casual, IMO. I'm comparing them, BTW, to a pair of brown Peals that I bought at the same time. For that reason, one being dressier and one being less so, I think they're a good fit in my closet.

On the strength of a post I read here that the Italian maker Polo uses tends to run a bit small, I bought 10-1/2 v. my normal 10. They are just a tad big, but the 10s may have been too small. It's nothing that a heavier pair of socks won't cure though - as opposed to too small which would be incurable.

My box arrived a bit worse for wear and tear and one boot had a bit of a scuff on the vamp. I decided to keep them because the mark is too high to be seen and will ultimately polish out.

Bottom line: they're good at $150.
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I bought a brown pair from gvh and love it.
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any other people have any experiences?
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I think some of the italian's run like a quarter size smaller, relative to the rest of polo's line.

I once won on ebay a brown italian polo chelsea (with the medallion) and flipped it because it was too tight.
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Hmm, if these are the Brendells that were on sale at Polo last season, I found them to run very big. I had to end up getting a size 9 and an insert for them to fit right. And I'm a size 10. I ended up doing some price matching and getting them for like $100, but still, very nice boots for $150. I get complimented on them all of the time.
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If you are talking about the Brendell's, I got them. I wear a size 9d in AE and tried an 8.5 and 9. 8.5 was too snug, 9 just a tad loose. After wearing them two times the vamp (is that what it's called?) looks like this:

i'm not sure if that is normal or not. The leather on my AE is noticeabley better and didn't show that much creasing after worn a few times. Here's a picture of the ugly bottom:

If it's normal for those creases to be there, then I'm happy considering I paid $90. If I paid $150 or more I wouldn't be too happy though.
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