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I think the flannel looks good, but the chambray sleeves are too short.
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They've started the Nepenthes NY blog:

Started sooner than I expected, and daily up to this point. Hope the frequency of updates keeps up.
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Good pics slide13, though I agree with Froosh that the chambray sleeves look a bit short on you. Maybe just always roll the sleeve up?
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Originally Posted by hansj View Post
somebody was asking for the NY store #: 212 643 9540

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Yeah, you know, after looking at the pics you guys may be right...never really noticed before. I should probably have gone L on the chambray too...maybe I'll sell this one and pick up the large instead.

Does the Bedford look ok in your guys oppinion? It's a really snug fit when buttoned, but I've been loosing weight lately and plan to loose another 15lbs or so at least so I bought it snug with that in mind.
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Yeah the Bedford looks good I think mate.
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I hadn't made into this thread (was holding myself back) but had to mention how awesome this version of the Engineer Coat is:

Loving it.
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Slide, I am having the same debate with the Bedford. I visited Nepenthes on Monday and Drinkwater's on Tuesday. Though both shops/personnel were wonderful (Angelo is one cool dude, and now I know why Gary is held in such high regard on SF), I found the Cotton/Poly Bedford Gary stocks to win out over the wool version at Nepenthes. The Cotton/Poly fits slightly slimmer, but it may be less warm. Therein lies my problem: do I want the slim fit like you posted (and probably the way EG intended the jacket to be worn), or do I want to size up for layering? It was about 50 degrees this morning in Boston, and I am really starting to sweat the imminent cold. I am 6' 185 lbs., and I am leaning towards the medium Bedford. Layering is probably not an option if I go this route, however.
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yeah, I"m 6' 200lbs and the large is very snug on me right now, I'm shooting for 180-185lbs in the comings months so my hope is a trim fit now and slight room for layering at the end. Mine is the whipcord which is fairly substantial, should be warm enough for fall.
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The Whipcord definitely has some heft to it..fits a little stiffer/slimmer than the cotton/poly IMO. P.S.--I notice you are a tennis player! We are basically the same person.
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Whipcord for sure. I have last year's Whipcord Baker and the fabric is very substantial for Fall, and good to layer in Winter.
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Can anyone direct me to a US stockist who's carrying the parka in Navy? Sorry if it's been mentioned previously but I couldn't find it in the thread.
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I read here that its in nyc barneys and I've seen it personally in Nomad (Toronto).
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Between Nomad and J + O, Toronto actually has a pretty good representation of EG, especially with outerwear.
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Definitely, I just picked up the black wool belted cardigan from nomad, amazing piece.
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