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kid: soccer, swimming, tennis, hockey

post-college: flyfishing, hiking, darts, pool

now: kid-raising
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Originally Posted by romafan
now: kid-raising

Woah, that's a full contact sport
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Originally Posted by topcatny
Pick up games are almost always around, but you attract all different ability levels and levels of conditioning. (mine isn't all that great these days so the idea of getting into a game with guys who want to fast break the entire game isn't appealing to me like it used to be)

Yeah, you get all kinds for sure. I used to go to the ARC at UCI while I was going there and play in a few pickup games and the people there would be completely random. There would be 6'8" black guys that would throw down alley-oops and 5'2" Asian girls, which you shouldn't rule out by any means. One game I played in, one little Asian girl that couldn't have been much taller than five feet, if at all, drained like ten straight threes from way behind the line before people dogged her the whole way down. Lately when I've been playing a little bit at UCLA with my cousin, it seems like noone plays defense anyways.
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Originally Posted by m@T
Growing up I played a lot of cricket at a reasonably high standard. As a junior I was in state representative teams for indoor cricket.

Another cricketer! Bowl, bat, or both? I used to keep, and then discovered I was a pretty good defensive bat.

Other sports - soccer (still play); field hockey; rugby.
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Played tee ball and rode dirtbikes when I was really young then I got away from that and into competitive swimming which I eventually got bored with. After that, I got into Muay Thai and then into BJJ and quit those because of repetitive neck and wrist injuries. After that, I got another dirtbike and raced motocross and harescrambles for a few years. Sold the dirtbike to buy a streetbike. Sold that for college and now I just goto the gym because it's all I can afford. I would like to get into road racing (on a motorcycle) one day when I'm done college and have more money.
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Originally Posted by aarghh
Another cricketer! Bowl, bat, or both?
bit of both....you play in San Jose?
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Golf. Learning tennis.
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Originally Posted by m@T
bit of both....you play in San Jose?
Not much - besides the odd bit of tennis ball cricket. There's a healthy Bay Area league, but I can't bring myself to make the time.

I grew up playing in India.
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Disc golf.
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I play a lot of sports occasionally, though none competitively. Basketball, football, soccer, softball, golf, water-skiing, jet-skiing etc. More frequently I lift weights, snowboard, backpack, hunt, and fish (trout mostly.) But my primary sport is off-road riding (dirt bikes.) Occasionally on motocross tracks, but mostly trails, as there is a lot of great woods riding where I live. I’m thinking about entering an enduro this fall, should be a lot of fun!
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Is beer pong a sport? I'm pretty competitive at that stuff. Kid: martial arts, tennis. In highschool: Cross country, wrestling, and basketball (when my wrestling coach let me). College: IM basketball, club wrestling for a short while (those guys were hard to keep up with). Grad school: pick up basketball, racquetball, beer pong.
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I used to play cricket, a long time ago. Very cool game. The other team sports were soccer and hockey.

I mostly did solo sports though. Downhill ski racing, rock climbing (i was very good at my peak), and a bit of tennis & squash (never enough to be particularly good at either).
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Kid: Baseball, Basketball High school: wrestling, crew, girls college: girls and studying marathons
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Growing up:
  • a lot of front yard football (my favorite! My father found me crying in front of the TV one night when I realize that they didn't let girls play in the NFL!) and basketball
  • Organized baseball (yes, the one silly girl in the whole boys' little league)
  • Competitive swimming
Jr. High/High School:
  • Basketball
  • Varsity tennis
  • Snow- and water-skiing (but not competitively)
Since school:
  • Non-competitive tennis
  • Polo
Question: I've alway wanted to learn martial arts. For those of you who've had some exposure to / experience with various persuasions...

Which discipline would be the best combination of self-defense for a woman (or anyone, I suppose) AND the best fat-burner (ie. cardio intensive, but let's be serious, I don't really care about my heart when me arse is at risk of exploding!!)
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If one of you teaches Jill to hit harder I will shoot you.

No, really - right between the eyes
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