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help me choose please

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so my quest to find shoes has come down to these three options.



the dunks show before

once again, i am a college student and i am looking for a nice going out type of shoe that isn't going to be too out of place on a college campus and will also be pretty durable for the philly winters. i have three blazers i wear and they are all black or dark blue.
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Of those, I'd go with #1.
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anyone else?
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ONLY the dunks. The rest of the shoes just look clunky and blah. The first pair just looks wrong - balance is all off, and shape is terrible.
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I really like those Varvatos. I ordered a pair earlier today. I think they would look really slick with jeans, and if you can find a 15% off coupon, they're an even greater deal.
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#1 is ok but not great. It's a going out boot and wouldn't likely work well at all in inclement weather. So it's a fair weather boot which is a bit silly. The dunks are a great campus shoe but the other two are bad. Very bad. They make my eyes hurt. If I have to choose I'll go with #1 but I'd rather have an option of the dunks paired with a better shoe of any sort so I could them instead of the boots.
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Assuming you were buying from bluefly and that you haven't ordered yet, #1 is sold out.
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I wouldn't go for those dunks. I've seen them in the store and the fabric just isn't that cool.
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so basically, nothing?
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Originally Posted by dhinggok
so basically, nothing?

We're not telling you not to buy shoes. Just not those shoes.
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I posted a few boots at the end of this thread that might work:
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