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Who exactly are we talking about? If we confine our discussion to the city's elite, I would maintain that Chicagoans are better dressed than New Yorkers.

Last year I attended a conference my institute hosted at the Drake. About 300 Chicagoans attended - most from the financial services sector but others from the top ranks of industry here and there. It was without any doubt the best-dressed crowd I have ever seen. About 30% of the men there wore natty bow ties. Suit fabrics were in general interesting and obviously of high quality. The shirt/tie/jacket combinations were largely interesting and several steps beyond the obvious. I have never encountered a crowd like it.

We're at the Drake about once a year for such conferences and attendees are always impeccably dressed ... far better than they are at the Waldorf Astoria for similar conferences we host a couple of times a year.
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I recently played a gala at the Steppenwolf. The crowd was mostly monied, chauffeured Bentley folk. Lots of furs on the ladies and the men were dressing at a pretty high level. Saw one guy in morning dress, even. All this is out of the norm, of course.
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Nice new avatar, B.
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I always though Al Capone looked dapper.
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Nice new avatar, B.

Thanks, Lou. Those ladies in the minks were not prepared for the big bass drum.
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Originally Posted by ld111134
Poorly dressed (or, should I say, non-SF-approved dressed)does not mean bigoted or unsophisticated. People here just don't care about clothes - the quality of restaurants, the arts (Lyric Opera, CSO, jazz, theatre), etc. are very high but clothing is just not that big a deal. Once of my best friends is real estate developer who wears Carhartt but he also collects modern art and can complete the Financial Times crossword puzzle (this is anectodal, I know).

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Agreed - there are some isolated pockets of well-dressed individuals, but people here don't care as much about impressing through their clothes. And for many people, they don't see a need to do it for themselves.

I would take it one step further, people in the midwest appear to prefer to show the world that they are "just folks." In NYC people like to do exactly the opposite and so dressing well--or at least the attempt to do so--is more natural.
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