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Why don't people at SF like Hugo Boss? - Page 20

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I like Hugo. They're clean, but not boring. Contemporary without being arty-farty. Suits are great for everyday wear to the office, though the shirts aren't made as well as I like.

And who freaking cares if they made unis for the Nazis? The Nazis, despite their apparent flaws, looked a damn sight better in full dress than many other armies.

The Italians might have looked better but we'll never know. The generals all drove Alfas which inevitably broke down on the way to nearly any event.
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i find hugo overpriced for cheap material that money can buy other essential wears
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At <350 each, I own 2 HB suits and love their fit on me and would consider buying more if I found them at a similar price. Anything over 400 is too much for HB, but then again I've never had trouble finding them in the 300s at places like Nordstrom Rack or Off Saks Fifth. I don't get how people can disparage the fit of brands like HB, when more than likely it's their body type which doesn't compliment that brand. Even though I'd never buy a Hickey or Canali or any Brooks Brothers suit because the style doesn't seem to compliment my body, I'd never make a blanket statement that those brands had a terrible fit.
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Some of the Boss Selection ties I've been eyeing look quite good... because they essentially just copied many of Tom Ford designs and reduced the loudness.

They definitely lack the volume, luster and quality that Ford ties have, but I think they might make a good "skinnier" alternative.

Anyone have experiences with these ties? Might pick up a few if the price is right
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Personally ... I don't cotton to four-letter words.
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I was xMas shopping for a friend's 5 years old son and saw that they have slim fit clothing for kids.

But I bought them anyway
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