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Tweed Cap - Under $100

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Hello Gents,

I have been looking for a newsboy cap (I think that is what the style is called?), preferably brown tweed or herringbone, and have done an immense amount of searching online. The problem I have is that I have a huge head and many newsboy caps are bulky, making my head look even bigger. Do any of you know of a brand that makes a nice slender cap without the garbage metal snap on the brim, and for under $100. Any good places to look online? Brands to look for? Chain stores that may carry them? I would love to be able to try some on in person but don't know anywhere in the Bay Area where I could. Your help is much appreciated!!! This is similar to what I would like:

But even this is tad bit too "bulky" for me.

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I got a very nice tweed cap from Sierratradingpost last winter. I don't see anything like that in stock, but they will most likely get a nice stock of winter caps in the upcoming months. If you're not time-sensitive, it's worth checking in once in a while. Only for reference, here is the cap I got in color 73, which is regular tweed; it is out of stock.
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where are you?
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Miller Hats has a nice tweed cap selection here. They also have regular wool and cotton caps.

I ordered some caps made by Magee of Donegal from another hatter (edit: paid about $35 each for those), but I can't remember the name: I'll find it and post later.
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I bought a nice one from Land's End - a Harris Tweed without any hardware.

They don't have any yet, but will come fall - about $45 or so, regular price.

You can order and if it doesn't fit - return it to Sears.

Good luck.
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I get a catalog called Hartford York - no personal experience w/ products/service, but they have a bunch of newsboy caps on sale:
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Thanks for all the great recommendations gents!

I really like the Sierra Trading Post one that Earthmover posted but alas, as he mentioned, it is out of stock.

Trogdor - I live in Silicon Valley, near San Francisco, CA.

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Call them if you have questions or concerns - the people in the store (NYC) are extremely knowledgable and nice. I have a large head and received a newsboy cap from there just this past christmas. It was a slimming style that worked well. It looked closest to the JJ Ivy, but was a bit thinner and I think made by Borsalino.
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A friend of mine got one over a year ago, and can't remember which site he ordered from, but is pretty sure it was one of these...
post #11 of 11 Shipping might be hell is the only thing, since they're in England.
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