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Man. Just shot an 80 with 5 three putts. Couldn't make a putt for the life of me. Hit great tee shots and iron shots pretty much all day.

And yeah te handicap system is a little confusing for me. I just track my scores with that app and was kind of wondering how on earth they came up with any of that.
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Handicap is designed to get the average of your 'good' rounds. For each round it calculates a 'differential' from the adjusted course rating. So you take your score minus the course rating and then adjust it for the slope by taking the differential and dividing it by the course slope and then multiplying it by 113 (average slope supposedly).

Once you have your differentials you take the best 10 out of your last 20 rounds and average those differentials. You then multiply the result by 95% (don't ask me why) and that gives you the handicap index, which can be used to calculate a course handicap based on the rating/slope of the course you're going to play.

Since it's an average of your best scores, in general you should only beat your handicap about 25% of the time.

The rules of golf have a table that shows how to implement the system if you have fewer than 20 scores. I don't recall what it is right now, but I think you use a higher percentage of your scores early on and then decrease it to 50% over time.

I found a little swing fix this week that has really been paying off. Added a slight pause at the top of my backswing. I went from hitting 6-7 greens a round to hitting 12 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Shot my 2 best rounds of the year Saturday and Sunday despite not making anything on the greens. Sunday I shot 78 with 38 putts and no birdies. Mucho room for improvement there.
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Played yesterday at Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, TX (near DFW airport). In case you're wondering: yes, those Cowboys. This is a Jerry Jones venture that's been in place since 2001 and markets itself as the world's only NFL themed golf venue. Although it's been around for a while this was my first chance to visit. Thought I'd pass along some impressions

Overall Experience:
They are trying to deliver an ultra-premium experience at an ultra-premium price. Normal prime time (no pun intended) rates are $185, but this includes unlimited golf, cart fees (walking isn't really an option here), unlimited range balls and all food and non-alcoholic beverages. The only additional costs are for alcohol, merchandise in the pro shop or tips. When you pay, they give you a lapel pin that serves as your "ticket" for the day. I was able to get on use a promotional rate of $99, which I thought was great.

Other than at select times, they don't necessarily club you over the head with the whole Dallas Cowboys thing. As you drive up to the bag drop, they are playing replays of old Cowboys game broadcasts over the sound system (but only in that outside area). Also all of the golf carts have the name of a famous Cowboys player on the side. I got a hall-of-famer from the '70s era.

I had an early lunch (club sandwich) and then a hot dog at the turn. The jalapeño sausage dogs are legendary, but sadly they were out. Overall I thought the food was really great for what it was.

The Golf:
The course itself is amazing and in really fantastic shape. I was shocked at the amount of elevation change on the property. Generally courses in this area tend toward flattish. Not this one. Very scenic with lots of trees and hazards. I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the drop from the 4th tee to the fairway has to be at least 80 feet. And yes, they do have the Cowboys star painted in the middle of that fairway.

The greens are Bermuda with some grain attendant to that strain. But they were in fantastic shape and were the fastest Bermuda greens I've ever played. Additionally, the greens are by and large very difficult. Very undulated. Several are comprised of multiple mini-greens. My main complaint with the course yesterday was the greens. I won't completely judge it on one round but, when you combined the difficulty of the greens, some questionable pin placements, about 14 stimp speeds and toss in a 25+ mph wind, things got a bit cartoonish. I had a downhill 35 footer that I knew would be impossible to stop. I literally just started the ball rolling. When it stopped rolling I had a 20 footer coming back. One guy in my group had a 20 footer up a hill that he died just short of the cup. A gust of wind came up and blew the ball 6 feet back down toward him. Yes, the putt came backwards. But again, conditions were tough and the guys in my group who play there regularly seemed just as vexed as I was, so I probably caught them on a bad day.

Other than that one issue, I thought that the course and the whole experience were really first rate. All the extras you'd expect...club service at the end with iced eucalyptus face towels, hot cart girls, etc. At $185 a round, I won't be a regular but it was a really nice day and if I can get the $99 rate again I'll certainly do it.
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Originally Posted by Mark from Plano View Post

Played yesterday at Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, TX (near DFW airport).

My main complaint with the course yesterday was the greens. I won't completely judge it on one round but, when you combined the difficulty of the greens, some questionable pin placements, about 14 stimp speeds and toss in a 25+ mph wind, things got a bit cartoonish.

Stupid pin placements really piss me off. I'm OK with wild undulations or super speedy greens, but don't place the pin on the side of a hill. Putting doesn't need to be gimmicky.
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One bright spot of yesterday, I was digging around in the garage and found one of my old golf bags. Had my old Hogan Edge irons (2 sets ago) with a 2 iron. My current set of Mizunos came with 4 through gap wedge and I added a 19 degree Mizuno hybrid which I have a tendency to hook. My prior set were Hogans, but started at 3 iron. Frankly, I'd forgotten I even still owned one. I pulled it out of the bag and threw it in the trunk thinking I'd see if I could still hit it next time I went to the range (probably haven't tried to hit a 2 iron in 8-10 years now).

When I got to the course yesterday and the wind was just howling I saw it in the trunk and it occurred to me that low boring shots with a 2 iron might be more useful than high, soft shots with a hybrid, so I switched them out. Pulled it out during warmups and came up with a good swing thought (slow backswing, full release).

Wound up being a great decision. Pulled it out 4 different times (once off the tee and three times in the fairway). Nailed it every time. It will definitely be in the bag for Scotland in 3 weeks.
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2-irons are fun when they work. Still carry one. I remember when I carried a 1-iron. Reminds me I should work out more.
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