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Official Golf Thread

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Here it is, golfers. A thread to talk about our equipment (pics encouraged), what happened at our last lesson, driving range practice, games, where we're golfing at while in vacation, etc. I happen to know we have several very passionate golfers here and hope they pitch in too. Heck, we can even bring clothing into this. Thoughts on Bobby Jones stuff?

So after our first lessons yesterday, we're headed out to the driving range to share one large bucket, per our instructor's recommendation. We both like our instructor as he's very good at explaining corrections, very mellow older gent, and has a great video set up with software that is immediately helpful. Another set of lessons next week.

Looking forward to hearing about other folks lessons, equipment, etc. We will be buying clubs soon and I'm leaning towards Adam "super game improvement" A7OS irons. I wonder if their drivers are equally game improving?
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I love golf. I used to play all the time, but time becomes an issue now that i'm a bit older. It's a game of consistency, so keep practicing over and over and over. It's unfortunate that me at 16 would destroy me at 26 in a round.

I learned from my moms cousin. I'd meet him at the range 4x a week and hit golf balls until I couldn't hold a club anymore.

Make sure to hit a ton of clubs, especially since you are first starting. Most irons these days will help your game since they are oversized and offset a touch. Drivers these days help on mishit shots, but you still need to make square contact or it's going to go bye-bye into woods or slice.

Believe it or not, but nike irons are pretty decent for the money.
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

Believe it or not, but nike irons are pretty decent for the money.

I've heard that from a couple folks, the Slingshots, right?
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Yup. I've heard good things. I've hit the victory forged that are really nice. Don't recommend forged clubs to beginners though. Very unforgiving.

I'd look at hybrids to replace long irons. You'd be amazed at how easy they are to hit out of the rough.
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Slingshots are nice but the cavity backed Pings are better, IMO. Or at least they were a few years ago.
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I'm really leaning towards these: I'm not stuck on them and will get input from the pro giving us lessons. They carry all the major names, so I'll see what he says.
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Probably a very good start. your pro will be able to tell you better based on your skill now, your age, potential, etc. i personally don't like hybrids replacing mid irons since irons you are a bit more accurate with, but really depends on your current game. in 2-3 years you might be looking for a new set. maybe you might want to get a 4-pw set now and practice with them more. Look for a set like the Nikes. They tend to have a bit more offset where the shaft meets the hosel. it'll help you get square contact. I started with an old iron set. Didn't have the hybrid outbreak like we have now, but i think hitting long and mid irons early helped my overall game. I have Ping G5 Driver, Ping G10 5 wood hybrid, and a Ping 3-pw set and Cleveland wedges (HIGHLY recommend).
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Just got back from the range, putting into practice what we learned yesterday. We each have clubs that are several years old and some never heard of brand (Tech Edge). The instructor said to just bring our seven irons and each hit a small bucket. I'd say 65-70% of my shots were pretty respectable, with about 25% being thin but mostly getting off the ground and some distance with 5% being totally fat and the divot going farther than the ball.

Sadly, Mrs. Piob has a much longer road ahead of her. Typical engineer, gets way too into her head. Maybe 30-35% of her shots were respectable with the majority being way thin and then a few times taking a nice divot out about a foot behind the ball.

I have discovered something very positive about golf this morning though.

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^ I'd let her in my country club and day of the week.
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I love golf but don't play nearly enough.

Pio, if you and your wife are new to the game, my only advice would be don't worry too much about the equipment. Focus on your technique and swing. If you don't get those right, then no new club, ball, graphite shaft, etc. will help you to improve.

And no matter what brand you buy, get cavity backed irons. Much more forgiving than the blade shafts I grew up playing. With a bigger sweet spot you can get away with bad swings or bad ball contact - and unfortunately that will happen much more often than you'd like.

Quite honestly, for your first 10-years or so you'd probably be fine buying whatever set they currently carry at Costco and you'd save enough to feel good about spending more money on a good putter and replacing the driver when you get more comfortable with the game.
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Pio. You are probably ahead of most people. Honestly.

I agree with Bradford in that it's not all in the clubs but you will see a marked difference in forgiveness and distance in new clubs especially if yours are 10+ years old
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Oh horrors! The golf courses of America will never be safe again. I haven't played at all recently, but will next weekend. I'll look out for you. As for clubs, I'd probably get Pings, Adams or similar. Good customer service is important when something goes wrong. I still play my itsy bitsy irons, but I am a bit of a masochist.
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- B
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love golf - play about 5 rounds a week. i have had the same clubs for 14 years now, titleist DCI 981s, fit for me. just upgraded from the 8.5 983k after a while to a 9.5 nike sq dynamo moi. i believe a 15 degree ttileist 980f i think 3 wood, steel shaft and a 23 degree emergency fairway wood some king cobra i won in a tournament wedges include a 52 and 58 degree taylor made y cutters. putter is a scotty cameron studio 2.5 and a ping anser II with insert. I just ordered new irons wee, Titleist MBs. balls are prov1 392s - tho i just got a box of the new taylor made penta. gonna try it this coming week. handicap is a 4 anyone in DC area ever want to golf - let me konw!
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Pio - good luck with the game. I have played about 26 of my 34 years and I am always trying to get better and improve. I started hacking around a par 3 course with my dad when I was younger and then finally got hooked around age 13 or so when I started playing more and then subsequently I started caddying at a local course. I gave up playing hockey and baseball to devote more time to the game and also played in as many jr tournaments in highschool as I could. Getting crushed in a few national tournaments by kids who are now on tour was probably the most humbling experience ever. It made me realize I was never going to be that good, but still loved to compete as an individual. This was something I couldn't get in baseball unless I was pitching. Long story short I ended up playing HS and college and then moved to NY after college. Probably played 3 times a year for 3 years and then moved back to Boston.

This year I have gotten back into playing regularly and have about 10 rounds so far under my belt. Scores range from 76-82. Ideally my wife and I want to move south where her company is based out of and I can play year round and get back to low single digit handicap.

Current equipment is TM R7 driver, TM R9 3 wood, Mizuno MP4 irons (masochist as well) that I had rechromed and refinished about 2 years ago. I bought these sophmore year of HS and cannot get them out of my bag. Vokey 54 and Cleveland 60 wedge, Cameron Newport Oil Can putter.

My advice is to get the fundamentals down and then hit as many balls as possible. Dont get caught up in equipment right now, just focus on grip, stance, and tempo. The new game improving irons and woods on the market right now are unbelievable, but honestly you don't need it. Your swing and swingspeed will change greatly as you improve. Ebay is your friend here. Get a used set a few years old and go have fun.
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