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New Briefcase Staining Clothes?

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Hey guys, I just bought a Black Latico briefcase from TJ Maxx and recently have found black greasy stains on my pants (and sometimes shirts) where the briefcase rubs off on. I'm inclined to believe its the breifcase because the stains tend to happen exactly where it rests or rubs on when its strapped to my shoulder when Im walking.

What do you think I should do: Assume greasy rub off shouldnt come from my briefcase and tough it out? Try to return the briefcase and get another one?

I have felt along all of my briefcase and havent been able to find where the grease is coming from!!
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Strap needs a good rubdown with alcohol, especially the sides. Then some Lexol.
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Thanks. How do I apply this, Liberally or small amouts? Oh, and what's lexol?
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Put the alcohol on a rag, then on the strap. Google Lexol.
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Use transparent polish. If any rubs off it'll be less visible.
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I've recently run into the same problem. My briefcase has been staining my pants, slightly, by my right rear pocket which the briefcase rubs against while I walk. However, I applied conditioner to the briefcase about a week before first wearing it. Perhaps I did not apply enough or missed some areas? Should I, too, apply alcohol to the briefcase before applying a conditioner?
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bump Also, when I do wipe my bag rather hard, the cloth does pick up some of the color of the briefcase.
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