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ha~ It is so far from China to here, isn't it? Fortunately, there's Inter-net in 21th Century. Of course, I am a Chinese people as well as my living. Why did I enter into this Forum? The reason is that I am a direct Denim fabric manufacture in Chinese and I glad to share my what I know with you. Maybe, I could give you some transparent cost from Chinese factory. As you know, Chinese is one of biggest textile supplier in the world. In my factory, I think the wage to be payed for per woker is far far far away from your country's. Don't surprise that. Too many factor formed it. So When you dreesing one denim trousers or jacket, can you assume how much effort, sweat of chinese people were mixed in?
Sorry, I was too seriouse. Glade to know you, wish to make friend with you, even do business with you~
Finally, Introduce myself again: I am marshall, from Chinese, Noted my mail:
Tks and regards.