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If you had to hide $50,000 cash.

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I'm reading an interesting book. My question is this: Where in your house would you hide guns, drugs or money? Remember you would need to access it at anytime on a moments notice yet be able to elude the most exaustive of searches.
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Originally Posted by shoejohn View Post
I'm reading an interesting book. My question is this: Where in your house would you hide guns, drugs or money? Remember you would need to access it at anytime on a moments notice yet be able to elude the most exaustive of searches.

After I answer, are you going to ask for my address?
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where i always hide them. right underneath my newspaper on the breakfast table in full sight. no one will check.

oh, and OP , pm me if you so happen to coincidentally be curious where i live too.

i'll be waiting for you to break your neck.

but if youre looking for drugs, dont bother. only drugs youll find at my home is in the medicine cabinet.
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In my ass. This is assuming that I'm the only person willing to go digging up there for some cash.
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we want the money, in the fuckin floor safe, in the god damn bedroom. Thats all.
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He is going to trace your IP and find your address =P
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If I were really worried about it, I might try a cabinet with a false top ... or maybe a false back. Seems like that would be less obvious than the drawer with a false bottom that you always see in movies
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Well, a one inch stack of hundreds is about $22,500, so you're talking about a 2.25" stack of bills.

You don't want to hide it (i) in an obvious place or (ii) in something else that might itself be stolen (say, a laptop).

Offhand, a good place would be in the attic, under the insulation - you can easily climb up and grab it (you know the insulation its under), yet it's a place a thief is unlikely to look - and even if they do, there's a large area where it might be. On the other hand, it's an obvious place for LE to look, so it's not ideal.

A better place might be inside some old discarded electronics you have in a storage closet, something unappealing to burglars and that wouldn't raise any eyebrows if it didn't work - for example, unscrewing an old Simon electronic memory game from the 80s, removing the circuit board and stashing the stacks in there, reassembling and then stashing it in some box in the closet. Fairly quick to get, and likely to be overlooked even in a thorough search in which the box of old crap is dumped out - and yet if you need to run, you can grab the game quick and get out.

Another possibility that comes to mind is to roll the money into a tight cylinder, wrap with plastic, and stick it down into a large container of peanut butter; easy to overlook, easy to grab in an escape. It would be advisable to have no crackers or bread in the house if you do this to reduce the likelihood of hungry FBI agents deciding to have a snack, and discovering $50k in the peanut butter...

You could also bake it into a loaf of bread which you then store in the freezer.

A few ideas anyway

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It depends upon what you mean by hide. A lot of guys would come to vintage guitar shows with massive amounts of cash to buy expensive guitars. It was all done with cash and no receipts. (unless you wanted one) It was assumed that some of this was done to launder money, hide money from a soon-to-be-ex-wife or to hide it from others. I'm sure you could do it with other collectables. But, you would need some established dealer network to cash-you-out if you needed to get liquid. To most people, they would just see a guitar and not a collectable worth $50K.
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I'd hide the stuff inside of used diapers in the wastebasket. Of course this would entail lots of horror, but I bet it would be decently safe.
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I had a friend who sold crafts on the streets of Berkeley. She made a frik'n fortune for a number of years, all cash. She got hamburger and shaped it into a big jar with a lid and kept it in her freezer. She kept all her cash in there. She used to joke about her "cold cash".
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Inside a wooden door, hidden in the bottom. You can easily gain access to it by removing the door from the hinges and using a small crow bar to pry the bottom off (or have a sliding panel on the bottom). Ideally on the master bedroom bathroom door (low traffic area).
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I spent it all on a platinum grille. Got my savings whereever I go.
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In my safe room.
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